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St. Mullin's Graveyard

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St. Mullin's Graveyard, Co. Carlow

Erected by James Handrick of Ballycrinegal in memory of his son Patt. Handrick who dep this life February 28th 1849 aged 17 and his son James died Jan 16th 1956 aged 80 years. Patrick died Oct 23th 1968 aged 80 years. Rest in Peace Amen.
Erected by M Handrick of Aughnaglair in memory of her husband James Handrick who dep this life February 28th 1839 aged 52 years. R.I.P.
HANDRICK Margaret Handrick see Keefe No. 391.
HANDRICK Brigid Handrick see Heffernan No. 82.
In loving memory of Patrick Hanrahan Ballyleigh died 17th Jan 1975. Also his sister Bridget died 25th Jan. 1978. R.I.P.
HANRAHAN Patrick Hanrahan see Kehoe No. 220.
HANRAHAN Bridget Hanrahan see Kehoe No. 220.
Here lies ye body of Catren Hanrick who decesed the 9 ber 11th 1764, aged 51 years. The Lord have mercy on her soul. Amen. G.
HANRICK Mary Hanrick see Whelan No. 209.
HARDING Stephen Harding see Murphy No. 356.
In loving memory of Mary Haughton, Drummond, also her son Richard J. Haughton, Also her daughter Kathleen Haughton died 23rd March 1983. R.I.P. S/C: Walsh, Carlow.
Erected by Michael Hayden, Marley in loving memory of his mother Bridget Hayden, died 2nd June 1867, aged 29 yrs. Also her husband Thomas Hayden died 18th Dec, 1919, aged 98 yrs. And his brother John Hayden died 28th Sept, 1946. And the above Michael Hayden died 19th April 1950. His wife Mary Hayden died 6th Aug. 1977 aged 84 yrs. R.I.P. S/C: Walsh, Carlow.
HAYDEN Babs Hayden see Kenny No. 310.
HAYDEN Bridie Hayden see Kenny No. 310.
HAYES Mary Hayes see Boland No. 251.
HAYES Captain Thomas Hayes see Murphy No. 13.
HAYES 548.
Erected by James Hayes, Marley, in loving memory of his wife Mary Anne Hayes nee Dalton, died 17th Sep. 1931 aged 60 years. Also his son Martin who died young. And the above James Hayes died 19 Nov. 1939 aged 78 years. Also his son Peter died 19th Jan 1956 aged 45 yrs. Also his son Michael died 29th Dec. 1981 aged 83 yrs. R.I.P. S/C: Walshe, Carlow.
HAYES 725.
In loving memory of Patrick Hayes, Carrigleade, died 1st March 1976 aged 76 yrs. R.I.. Erected by his loving wife and family, S/C: Nolan, Ballon. "On whose Soul Sweet Jesus have mercy".
HAYES Mary Hayes, see Murphy No. 13.
HAYES. Elonar Hayes see Calahan No. 704
Erected by James Heffernan, Carriclead, in memory of his father John Heffernan who died Aug 4th 1860, aged 66 yrs. Also his mother Catherine Heffernan, nee Gahan, who died Augt 10th 1872, aged 78 years. Also his son Michael Heffernan, who died Sep 29th 1897, aged 28 years. Also his wife Elizabeth Heffernan, nee Shea, who died April 19th 1908, aged 77 yrs. The above James Heffernan, died July 24th 1911, aged 73 yrs. And his daughter Cathrine Heffernan, died Jan 15th 1954, aged 82 yrs. And Mary Heffernan, wife of John, died Dec. 15th 1958, aged 81 yrs. Brigid Handrick, died June 6th 1964, aged 81. R.I.P. S/C: E. Cahill.
HEFFERNAN Bridget Heffernan see Hunt. No. 3.
Erected by Matthew Hennessy Cournellan in loving memory of his parents Bryan Hennessy who died April 1868 aged 56 yrs, and Elizabeth Hennessy alias Dalton who died May 1876 aged 65 years. Also his wife Ellen Hennessy nee Murphy who died May 7th 1924 aged 76 years. Also the above Matthew Hennessy who died Jan 4th 1929 aged 74 years. Their son Bryan died 15th Jan 1972 aged 85 yrs. R.I.P. S/C: E. Cahlll, Marley.
In loving memory of John Hennessy, Clohastia, Graignamanagh died 23rd June 1944. Also his sister Bridget, died 8th Feb. 1963. Also his wife Margaret, died 6th July 1976. R.I.P. Erected by his wife Margaret. S/C: P. Nolan, Carlow.
In loving memory of Michael Brendan Hennessy, St. Mullins, who died 27th April 1967. May he rest in peace. Beloved husband of Florence Hennessy. Also their eldest son Roderick David and their daughter Jacinth Rosemary and other children, who died in infancy. Thy are at peace. S/C: Nolan, Ballon.
HENNESSY Mary Hennessy see Kelly No. 241.
Erected by John Hickey of Drummond in memory of his father James died 28th June 1899 aged 75 years. Also his brother Thomas died 1st Octr 1899 aged 32 years. Also his mother Alice died 20th Feby 1875 aged 40 years. R.I.P.
Go Ndeanaid Dia Trocaire ar Seamus 0 HLCeada Bac. Fuair bas Marta 16 1945. Ar Brigid Ui LCeada a bean fuair bas Aibrean 9 1937. Ar a n-inion Eilis Ui Airt fuair bas Mi Na Nollag 11 1929. Ar a mac Tomas 0 H-Lceada, fuair bas Meiteara 3 1917. Ar Gaitlin Ui Lceada bean a mic Caillead Aibrean 16 1944. Brigid Ni Lceada 1898. 1967. Sean 0 Coilean 1899. 1971. Miceal 0 H-Lceada 1897. 1976, Peig Bn Ui Colleain (1911. '77). R.I.P. S/C: MCD. New Ross.
HOGAN Mary Hogan see Joyce No. 291
HOGAN Mary Hogan see Lawler No. 457.
This stone was erected by Mick Houlden in memory of his mother Kathleen Holden, alias Tharp, who depd this life March 10th 1823, aged 63 years. Alfo her mother Mary Murphy deped this life May 13th 1787, aged 75 years. Re ques cant in Pace.
In loving memory of John Holden, Goolin, died 3rd Jan 1931 aged 74 yrs, His brother Laurence, died 6th Sept 1926, aged 59 yrs. And his Grand-son, Patrick O'Brien, died 16th Feb. 1943, aged 8 yrs. R.I.P. "My Jesus Mercy" S/C: Nolan, Carlow.
HOLDEN William Holden see Lennon Ho. 406.
HOLDEN Margaret Holden see Browner No. 664.
HUNT 2. Nicholas Hunt died Decem'r 31st 1811, aged 60 yrs. This stone is erected by Patrick .Hunt Balleyberney in memory of His mother Catherine Hunt, alias Kavanagh, dept, this life July 15th 1830 aged 65 years. Patrick Hunt died November 10th 1845 aged 50 yrs. Andrew Hunt Februry 1st 1830, aged 30 years. Requieseanl in pace.
HOLDEN John Holden see Browner No. 664.
Erected by Catherine Mac Donald Ballinaberna in memory of her father Patrick Hunt, died 10th Nov. 1845, aged 50 years. Also her mother Bridget Hunt nee Heffernan died 19th June 1877 aged 78 years. Also her daughter Brigid MacDonald died 9th July 1920, aged 45 years. And the above Catherine MacDonald died 18th Nov. 1923, aged 89 years. R.I.P. S/C: Power, New Ross.
HUNT Catherine Hunt see Corcoran No. 128.
HYNES 534,
Here lies ye body of Chirftopher Hynes, who died Aug 10th 1751, aged 77 years. Requieseant in pace, Amen.
IRWIN 451.
In loving memory of Annie Irwin, Poulmounty, died 1st Dec. 1973, aged 86 yrs. Also her Bister Bessie, died 15th Dec. 1965, aged 74 yrs. R.I.P.
RWIN May Irwin see Myllot No. 450.
IRWIN Margaret Irwin see Myllot, No. 450.
Mary Irwin see Myllot No. 450.
In loving memory of my dear husband John Jackman, Ballybeg, died 5th Nov. 1956, aged 77 years. Also his brother Thomas, died 24th April 1958, aged 78 years. Catherine Jackman, wife of the above John, died 24th Jan. I960, aged 82 yrs, R.I.P. Erected by his loving wife and family. S/C: Nolan, Ballon.
JACKMAN Annie Jackman see No. 206, Cullen.
JACKMAN Catherine Jackman see Coady No. 654.
Erected by Peter Jackman, of Ballybeg, in memory of his father John Jackman, who died 26th February 1871, aged 55 yrs. Also his grandfather Thomas Jackman, who died 3rd May 1854, aged 77 yrs. Also his grandmother Margaret Jackman, alias Shaughnessy, who died 4th Aug 1854, aged 75 years. Also his mother Catherine Jackman, died Nov 10th 1887, aged 73 years,. Also his wife Margaret Jackman died May 18th 1903 aged 48 years, Also Mary Cullen died 14th Aug. 1908, aged 30 yrs. And Peter Jackman, died 30th April 1917, aged 72 yrs. Also Thomas Jackman, Bauck, died July 13th 1922, aged 73 yrs. Reqfc in pace, Amen.
JACKMAN Kate Jackman see Murphy No. 177.
Erected by Francis Jordan in memory of his wife Mary Jordan alias Kavanagh, who departed this life April 19th 1810 aged 35 years. Alfo the above Francis Jordan depd April the 29th 1835, aged 52 years. Also his daughter Bridget Forristal als Jordan who depd this life Jan 23th 1862, aged 52 years. Also her sister Mrs Ryan of Crawne who died July 2nd 186i aged 82 years. Also her son Edward Ryan who died July 4th 1873 aged 52 years. Lord have mercy on their souls.
JORDAN Mrs Bridget Jordan see Corcoran No, 122,
JOYCE 397.
In loving memory of Lazarian Joyce, Carrigleade, died 28th May 1976, aged 52 years. R.I.P. Erected by his loving wife and family. S/C: Nolan, Ballon.
JOYCE 291.
Erected by Margaret Moran, Rathgerogue in memory of her father Edward Joyce who died April 15th 1871. Her mother Mary Joyce died Decr 25th 1898, Her sister Mary died July 31st 1898. Her brother Michael died Feb. 26th 1924. Her niece Mary Hogan died April 29th 1924, The above Margaret Moran, Borne Nov. 13th 1850, died April 6th 1951. R.I.P. S/C: Brennan of the Royal Oak.
JOYCE 290.
Erected by Edward Joyce, Marley, in memory of his father Michael Joyce. who died Dec. 24th 1880, aged 77 years. Also his mother Anne Joyce alias Moran who died March 4th 1884 aged 79 years. His son Michael Joyce who died May 6th 1909, aged 32 years. His son Matthew Joyce who died in America April 9th 1910, aged 28 years. Also his grandson Edward Joyce who died March 30th 1915. Also his wife Mary Joyce who died June 25th 1917. Also the above Edward Joyce died April 1 1930 aged 87 yrs. His. grandson Edward Walsh William Street, New Ross died March 21st 1953 aged 32 yrs. S/C: E. Cahill Marley. R.I.P. Back of headstone: I.H.S. His grandson Patrick Walsh died Sept 16 1958 aged 35 yrs. His daughter Mrs. Ellen Walsh nee Joyce died Oct. 19th I960, aged 75 yrs. Also her husband James Walsh died Jan 24th 1967 aged 89 yrs. R.I.P.
JOYCE 632.
Of your charity pray for the repose of the souls of John Joyce, Ballycrinigan died 1st Dec. 1906 age 75 yrs. His wife Brigid Joyce. Died 17th April 1904 age 70 yrs. Also their sons Pierce Joyce died l7th June 1898 age 28 yrs. And James Joyce died 23rd March 1928 age 64 yrs. Also Pierce Joyce brother of the above John Joyce died 23rd July 1911 age 77 yrs. Also Mary Joyce died 6th July 1958 aged 83 yrs. Also Ann Joyce died 5th Dec. 1958 age 81 yrs. R.I.P. S/C. Power, Ross.
JOYCE 631.
In loving memory of James Joyce, Templeudigan, who died 27th. February 1932 aged 68 years. His son Patrick who died 31st March 1942 aged 37 years. His wife Johanna died 31st Dec, 1950 aged 82 yrs. R.I.P. S/C: Walshe, Carlow.
JOYCE Mrs. Catherine Joyce see Doyle No, 377.
JOYCE Margaret Joyce see Hammond No, 140.
JOYCE Catherine Joyce see Doyle No. 379,
JOYCE Catherine Joyce see Doyle No. 380.
JOYCE Mary Joyce see Doyle No. 380.
JOYCE Thomas Joyce see Doyle No. 379.
KAVANAGH Elizabeth Kavanagh see Murphy No, 502.
KAVANAGH      767.
Here lie interred the remains of Mr James Kavanagh late of Ballybeg who departed this life Auguft the 19th 1779, aged 24 years. Mrs Mary Cloney alias Kavanagh sifter to faid James and Wife to the late Mr Dennis Cloney of Moneyhore in the County of Wexford depd this life Ocr the 30th 1782, Aged 30 years. Mr Felix Kavanagh late of Ballybeg, Father to faid James and Mary depd this life April the 29th 1783, aged 86 years. Mr Terence Kavanagh Son to faid Felix depd this life Auguft the 8th 1787 aged 41 years. Mr Gerald Kavanagh, Son to faid Felix depd this life July 24th 1789 aged 44 years. And Alfo Mrs Catherine Kavanagh alias Furlong, Wife to the faid Felix and Mother to the faid James, Mary, Terence, and Gerald depd this life Decr the 22nd 1805, aged 80 years. Also the Body of her daughter Mrs Helen Kavanagh, who departed this life on the 10th day of December 1838, aged 82 years. Also are deposited underneath the remains of the under named Thomas Cloney (better known for the last 10 years as General Cloney the friend and Colabourer of the great O'Connell in all his measures for the anielioration of the people of Ireland,) who departed this life February 22nd  1850, aged 76 years. Lord have mercy on their souls, Amen. This tomb was Erected by Thomas Cloney of Graige in the County of Kilkenny, in remembrance of his Parents underneath Interred whose Ancestors Remains He carefully collected from their adjoining Vault.
KAVANAGH     756.
Underneath lyeth the body of Bryan Kavanagh Esqr who departed this life Ap. 22d 1740 aged 41 years. He marry Mary daughter to Colonel Thos, Butler of Kilcash by whom he had 5 sons of whom 4 dyd infants. And six daughters. Requiesc't in pace.
KAVANAGH      233.
Erected by Mrs. Kavanagh of Knockemulgury in memory of her husband Patrick Kavanagh who depd this life the 17th of August 1865 aged 68 years. Also her son Daniel Kavanagh died 18th Jan 1904 aged 78 years. And her daugr Catherine Ryan alias Kavanagh died 27th Sep 1905 aged 75 years. Also her son Daniel Kavanagh died Dec 28th 1948 aged 74 yrs. May they rest in peace Amen,
KAVANAGH     19.
In loving memory of John Kavanagh Coolrow, who died Dec. 26th 1925, aged 84 yrs. Also his wife Anna died Aug 4th 1919 aged 84 yrs. And their grandaughter Annie died young, and their son, Christopher died Feb. 8th 1947 aged 71 yrs. Also his wife Mary died 19th Aug. 1977, aged 87 yrs. R.I.P. Erected by their daughter Mary. S/C: Brennan, Royal Oak.
KAVANAGH     174.
Here lieth the body of Wm. Redmond Kavanagh late of ... depd this life Feb. the 8th ... aged ... years. Also his wife Catherine Kavanagh, Grandgughter ... The remainder of the inscription is illegible.
KAVANAGH      755.
Underneath lyeth interrd ye body of Morgan Kavanagh who departed this life Feb. 22nd 1720 aged 51 years. He marryd Frances daughter to Sir Laurence Simons. By whom he had three sons and two daughters. To his second wife He marryd Margaret daughter to Harvey Morres Esq of Castlemorrs by whom he had one son. Requiescant in pace.
KAVANAGH      273.
Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on James Kavanagh, Templeudigan, died 26th Dec. 1966, aged 76 yrs. Also his wife Mary died 5th Jan 1977, aged 82 yrs. R.I.P. S/C: Walshe, Carlow.
KAVANAGH     784.
Here lies,ye body of Margaret Kavanagh who depd this life July ye 12th 1777 aged 50 ys. Alfo the remains of Arthur Kavanagh his grandson late of Turrah who departed this life April 1ft 1835 aged 38 years. Pray for the souls beneth thin Tomb. Renuiscant in Pace
KAVANAGH     511.
Here lieth the remains of Arthur Kavanagh of Drana who depd this life in the year 1793 aged 60 yrs. Also Judith Kavanagh alais Cummins his wife who depd this life in the year 1800 aged 55 yrs. May their souls rest in Peace Amen.
KAVANAGH     249.
Erected by Luke Kavanagh of Ballywilliam in memory of his father James Kavanagh who departed this life 1s feby 1875, aged 61 yrs. Also his grand-father Luke Kavanagh who died in 1857 aged 78 years. And his son James Kavanagh died 31st March 1953 aged 73 years. R.I.P

Contributed Michael Purcell
Transcribed by M. Brennan


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