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St. Mullin's Graveyard

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From; J.P.M.D. Vol. 1.

Tombstone St. Mullin's Churchyard.
Latin inscription: *svb hoc lapide laet corpvs* DANIELLIS KINSELLAGH, *olim de - qv- obiit 8 die mensis no anno do* 1646. *etiamqve hinc in memoria sui* - L.K. On the same stone:- Also are here deposited the remains of Doctor James Kinsellagh, who departed this life in November, 1781, aged 81 years. Also his wife Mary Kinsellagh alias Doyle, who departed this life in April 1794 aged 74 years.

St. Mullin's Graveyard, Co. Carlow

ARCHER Catherine Archer, see DIXON No 626

 ASPELL No. 55

Erected by Alice Merry Dungarvan Co. Waterford in memory of her kind father Edward Aspell who died 5th Oct. 1869 aged 55 years. Her loving mother Sara died 3rd Feb. 1892 Aged 86 years and her affectionate sister Catherine Saville who died 6th June 1896 aged 54 years. Also of Mrs Anne Cunningham, Graignamanagh, who died Feb. 1893


Erected by Morgan Aughney, in memory of his son John Aughney, who departed this life September 7th 1824, aged 6 years. Also his second son John, who departed this life July 4th 1835, aged 3 years. And also the above Morgan Aughney, who departed April 17th 1843, aged 55 years.


In loving memory of Kate Bailey, Scaske-House late of Ballywilliam Mills, died 17th Mar. 1958 aged 85 years. R.I.P.


In loving memory of Sarah Bailey, Ballinalour. Died 28th March 1934, Aged 86 years. Also her grand-daughter Hannah Fluskey died 6th May, 1940, aged 24 years. And her daughter Catherine Bailey, died 10th Jan. 1965, aged 78 years. Also John Fluskey died 3rd Sept, 1971, aged 87 years.


Erected by their loving children in memory of their father Andrew Bailey, who died April 5th 1871 aged 79 years. Also their mother Anastatia died Feb. 18th 1896 aged 70 years. And their daughter Margaret who died March 24th 1898, aged 37 years. Also Thomas Bailey who died 3rd Oct. 1908, aged 5 years. Also Michael who died young. Also Anastatia who died 31st Jan. 1912, aged 12 years. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus have Mercy on their souls. Also Patrick Baily Ballygabert, died June 21st 1913 aged 68 years. And Michael Bailey, Ballywilliam, died Jan. 12th 1917 aged 60 years. Left Side: Margt Nolan Bailey died March, 26th 1773 aged 67 years. Her husband James died July 15th 1798 aged 106 years. Their daughter Catrn Dunne Bailey died August 20th 1833 aged 64 years. And her husband Patrick Bailey died Dec. 14th 1840 aged 97 years. R.I.P. Right Side: James Bailey died Nov. 2nd 1868 aged 79 years. His brother Michael died Aug. 31St 1873 aged 75 years. His sister Margt Breen Bailey died Oct. 26th 1880 aged 81 years. And her sister Catrn O'Leary Bailey died Feb. 16th 1884, aged 82 yrs. R.I.P.


Erected by Robert Baily in memory of his son Patrick Baily depd this life April 11th 1805 aged 27 Yrs. Also his wife Mary Temmins depd, Sept 19th 1805 aged 56 Yrs, Also his daughter -in-law Catherine Baily alias Kelly who died August 2nd 1814 aged 32 years. Also her husband Andrew Baily who died Feb. 2nd 1866 aged 88 years.


Erected by Patrick Baily of Ballaghnalour in memory of his son Andrew Baily who died August 22nd 1871 aged 29 years. Also his brother Robert Baily died March 5th 1888. Aged 77 years. And his wife Mary Baily alias Kehoe died June 21st 1892 aged 76 years. Also the above Patrick Baily died Jan 3rd 1903 aged 95 years. Also his grandson Patrick Baily died young. His son Robert died Sept 25th 1908 aged 66 years. His son James Currawn, died 22nd Dec. 1932. His granddaughter Elizabeth died 2nd Feb. 1946. Her brothers. Patrick died 26th Oct. 1950. Andrew died Dec. I960.


Here lieth the body of Robert Bealey late of Balegalvert who dept Decber 28th 1801, aged 65 years.


This stone was erected by Robert Bealy in remembrance of his children.

BLAKE 269.

In memory of John Blake, Dranagh, died 15th Jan. 1965.


In loving memory of Stephen Boland, Ballinaberna, died 7th Jan. 1976, aged 76 years.


Sacred to the memory of Philip Boland Glynn who died October 5th 1868 aged 75 years. Also his wife Mary Boland alias Hayes who died February 14th 1900 aged 90 years. Also their daughter Mary Boland who died August 11th 1918 aged 65 years. Also for the souls of Catherine O'Driscoll (nee Boland) Tinnahinch who died April 22nd 1944 aged 35 years. Her husband John O'Driscoll who died June 24th 1945 aged 40 years. Her father James Boland who died Feb 7th 1953 aged 79 years. Her mother Mary Boland who died Nov. 1st 1969 aged 87 years. R.I.P.


In loving memory of John Bolger, Stackley. Who died Dec. 30th 1904 aged 80 years. Also his wife Mary Bolger, died August 27th 1916 aged 78 years. And their son Simon Bolger died Nov. 19th 1948 aged 78 years. Also their son Robert Bolger died Dec. 15th 1953 aged 75 years. Patrick Bolger died Jan, 8th I960, aged 87 years. Andrew Bolger died May 30th 1962 aged 79 years. In loving memory of Simon Bolger, Stackley, Who died June 20th 1847 aged 56 years. And his wife Mary Bolger died May 2nd 1878, Aged 82 years. Also their daughter, Catherine Bolger, died July 17th 1861. Aged 32 years. And their Son Patrick Bolger died Oct. 5th 1871 aged 49 years.

BOLIN 250.

Erectd by Darby Bolin in memory of his father Richard Bolin who dept August 6th 1810, aged 83 yrs, Also his wife Anne Bolin alias Murphy dept June 25th 1794 age 60 yrs. Edmund Bolin died April 3rd 1846. Anne Bolan alias Flood. R.I.P.


Here lies the body of Patrick Boyle, depd this life June 17th 1805, aged 76 yrs. Lord have mercy on his soul. R.I.P.


Here erected by M. Long of Glencoum in memory of her father Bryan Boyle who died July 25th 1825 aged 65 years. Also her mother M. Boyle who died April 20 1838 aged 82 yrs. Also Mrs Long of Glencoum who died 14th June 1877 aged 86 years. May they rest in peace Ame-n.


In loving memory of William Brahan Ballybeg, died 4th July 1938, aged 82 years. Also his daughter Hannah Fogerty, died 10th April 1981, aged 82 yrs. R.I.P. S/C: Walshe, Carlow.

BREEN 434.

Sacred to the memory of Laurence Breen of St. Mullins, dep this life the 4th day of May 1831 aged 74yrs. Alfo his wife Johanna Breen alias Doyle dep this life the 6 of April 1825 aged 52 yrs. Also his son Mathew Breen died March 17 1844 aged 35 yrs. Reqt in pace. Amen. S/C: Kehoe. Sculp. Marley,

BREEN 802.

Here lieth the body John Breen who dep July 17 1764


Here lieth the body of Jeremiah Brenan, who departed this life July 18th 1803, Aged 47 years. Erected by his wife Winefred Brenan.


Erected by John Brennan of Currawn. In memory of his wife Mary Brennan, alias Grennan, who died 24 Dec. 1883 aged 65 years. Also his daughter Cathrine Brennan, who died 24th Dec, 1885, aged 19 years. The above name John Brennan, died 24th Jan. 1894 aged 90 yrs. Also his son James who died 2nd June 1909, aged 67 years. Also Ellen Brennan, wife of the above James, died 22n June 1939 aged 87 yrs. And their daughter Mary Murphy, died 14th March 1945, aged 57 yrs. Also their son John, died 9th Jan, 1956, aged 68 years. His wife Margaret died 6th Nov. 1982, Aged 94yrs.


Erected by Mrs Elizabeth Brennan of Drummond, to the memory of her beloved husband John Brennan, who died 25th Nov. 1889, aged 78 years. Also her son Laurence Brennan who died 7th Aug. 1889 aged 27 years. And her daughter Mary Brennan who died 18th Feb. 1891 aged 38 years. Also her son, Matthew Brennan who died 28th May 1892 aged 35 years. Also her son James died 18th Oct. 1896 aged 38. The above Mrs Elizabeth Brennan died 13th Jan. 1907 aged aged 80. And her sons Patrick, died 4th May 1913 aged 50. Michael died 13th Sept. 1913 aged 56. Also Mary, wife of Michael died 27th Aug. 1950, aged 76 yrs. And their son John, died 29th July 1966. Catherine Brennan, died 9th Dec. 1979 aged 81 yrs, Michael Brennan, died 5th March 1981 aged 66 yrs.


Of your charity remember in your prayers very Reverend Patrick L. Brennan, Parish Priest of St. Mullins for nine years. Ordained 17th June 1939, died 1st May 1969.


In loving memory of my dear husband Matthew Brennan National Bank House, Thurles (Late of Drummond) died 23rd October I960.


Here lies the body of John Brennan died in March 26th 1800 aged 64 years. Also his son James Brennan died in June 5th 1818 aged 50 yrs. Also his son Michael Brennan who departed this life December 26th 1857 aged 60 yrs. And his Grandson Patrick Brennan who dept this life February 22nd 1839 aged 23 years. Also his daughter-in-law Catherine Brenan alias Doyle who departed this life August 12th 1842 aged 57 years. And his son Richard Brenan who dept this life April 30th 1835 aged 64 yrs. Also his grandson James Brennan who dept this life June 15th 1818 aged 28 yrs. Also his son Mathew Brennan who died February 1st 1857 aged 97 years. Also his grand-daughter Mrs, Mary Breen alias Brennan who died April 28th 1865 aged 65 years. Req in pace.


In loving memory of William Brennan, Turra, died 10th Feb. 1907, aged 64 yrs. And his wife Margaret, died 1st Nov 1943, aged 73 yrs. Their children William, died 6 Dec. 1918, aged 17 yrs. Mary died 17th Mar 1926, aged 25 yrs. Edward, died 28th June 1964, aged 60 yrs. James died 25th Dec. 1964, aged 55 yrs. John, P.C. died 18th Feb. 1975, aged 80 yrs. Erected by their family. R.I. P. S/C: M. Doyle,


In loving memory of Catherine Brennan Ballyleigh died 26 May 1977 aged 63 yrs. Her husband James Brennan died 12 June 1979 aged 75 yrs. Rest in peace. On Whose Soul Sweet Jesus Have Mercy. S/C: Nolan of Ballon. There is a cross to the left of the inscription with I.H.S. engraved upon it. There is a souvenir of Lourdes attached to the base of the headstone. The name BRENNAN is on the reverse side of the stone.


Erected by John Brennan, Ballinalour, in memory of his father Michael Brennan, died 6th Oct. 1868, aged 70 yrs. Also his Aunt Mary Brennan, died 9th Mary, 1872 aged 80 yrs. His Mother Mary Brennan died 14th May 1872 aged 54 yrs. His sons: James, died young and Michael died 2nd Dec. 1904 aged 15 yrs. Right Side: Also his grandmother Dora Brennan died 10th Oct. 1838 aged 75 yrs. And his daughter Annie (Cissie) Kavanagh, nee Brennan, Mevalley, died 2nd Nov, 1922. aged 30 yrs. Left Side Also John Brennan died 3 Sept. 1937, aged 80 yrs. His wife Katie (nee Doran) died 26th Oct. 1940, aged 78 yrs. Also his son, John Brennan died 4th Feb. 1972 aged 75 yrs. R.I.P, S/C: Power Ross.


In loving memory of John Brennan, Ballybeg, who died at the age of 27 yrs. His mother Mary Ann Brennan died 15 July 1913. aged 80 yrs. His brother Patrick died 10th June 1922, aged 44 yrs. His father Patrick Brennan died 6 Aug. 1927, aged 94 yrs. His brother James, died 12 Dec. 1951 aged 84 yrs. His sister Mrs Mary Kelly, Ballyogan, died 8th Dec. 1961, aged 82 yrs. Her Husband Peter Kelly died 24th Jan. 1974 aged 87 yrs. His grandson Peter Duff died 15th Dec. 1979. aged 25 .yrs: R.I.P. S/C: Murphy of Enniscorthy.


In loving memory of Laurence Brennan, Ballyleigh died 3rd Aug. 1885 aged 67 yrs. His wife Bridget, died 24th Feb. 1902 aged 76 yrs. Their children James died 3rd May 1892 aged 38 yrs. Matthew died 8th Dec. 1916 aged 58 yrs. And Mary died 29th Feb. 1902 aged 36 yrs, John Brennan died 3rd April 1933 aged 70 yrs. His sister Kate Brennan died Dec. 21st 1941 aged 80 yrs, R.I.P. His wife Bridget Brennan died June 1 1966 aged 85 yrs. S/C: Walshe, Carlow.


This headstone has the inscription I.H.S. Erected by Patrick Brennan of Ballyanne, in memory of his father Martin Brennan who died June 20 1823, aged 51 years. Also his mother Johanna Brennan alias Cadigan, who died Febuary 16 1838, aged 70 years. Also his sister Mary Brennan who died Jan, 25 I865j aged 19 years. May they rest in peace.


In loving memory of my dear husband Laurance Brennan, Ballinaberna, died 26th Jan. 1966 aged 56 years. R.I.P. S/C: Walsh, Carlow.


In loving memory of our dear parents, Joseph and Anne Browne, R.I, P.


Erected by Joseph Browne Bailywilliam, in loving memory of his wife Anne .Browne, nee Byrne who died 5th May 1915. aged 62 years. Also to the memory of the above Joseph Browne who died 2?th Feb. 1920 aged 71 years. Their daughter Mary Kehoe, who died 20th Sept. 1928. Anastatia -Furlong who died 6th May 1968. R.I, P.


Erected by Mary Browner in memory of her father James Browner, who died 15th May l902 aged 72 years. Her mother Mary died 23rd May 1902 aged 71, yrs. And four children died young. His sister Margaret Holden Templeudigan who died 27th Dec. 1943 aged 79 yrs. Her nephew; John Holden who' died 26th Feb 1968 aged 60 yrs. R.I. P.

BRYAN  400.

Erected by Mary: Bryan, alias Ryan, of Harristown, in memory of her husband, Patt Bryan, who departed this life August 8 1853 aged 48 years R.I.P.


Here lieth the body of Elioner Bulger Alias Bulger who died May 7th 1777, aged 60 yrs. R.S.P.


Here lieth the body of Michael Bulger, late of Rathgeran depd June the 11th 1790, aged 74 years. Also his son Simon Bolger died September 1813 aged 61 years. Also his grandson John Bolger died September 28th 1869, aged 34 years. Also his mother Bridget Bolger of Newtown who died April 13th 1880 aged 74 yrs. Also her husband Patrick Bolger died May 29th 1882, aged 84 years. Also his sister Mrs Dalton Glycoumb who died Oct. 13th 1890 aged 77 years. And his son Simon Bolger died Jan 1st 1907, aged 75 yrs. R.I.P.

BURK 773.

Here lie the bodies of Elizabeth Burk alias Kinfhlly died December 10th 1788 aged 60 years. Her husband Edmond Burk died October 21ft 1791. age 70 years.


Here lieth the body of Catharine Burtchall, alias Roth, dept April 5th 1780, age 30 years.


Here lies ye body of Ann Butler alias Furlong who died Augt 11th 177. aged 42 yrs. Also her daughter Mary Murphy alias Butler, who departed this life July 30th 1858, aged 80 years.


Here lies the body of James Butler, late of Balklhannon, in the County of Wexford who departed this life Nov. 5th 1803, aged 50 years.


Here lies ye body of Blohn Butler who deptd Febry 25th 1784 aged 67 yrs.


Here lies the body of James Butler, who died Novemr ye 23rd 1767, aged 82 years. R.I.P.S

Contributed Michael Purcell
Transcribed by M. Brennan


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