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St Patricks Graveyard
Rathvilly, Co Carlow

St Patricks Church, Rathvilly, Carlow
St. Patrick's Church, Rathvilly.
Whilst reading a stockpile of  papers I found an Article on the Hedge Schools, a topic close to my  heart.
In the Rathvilly St Patricks graveyard there is a well worn stone with the following inscription:

Erected by William D'Arcy
in memory of his father
Thomas D'arcy~Knocklishen
Died Janr 1882 aged 82.
And his mother
Catherine D'Arcy
died 5th March 1896
Seven Children Including a
Vincentian Priest and three
Presentation Nuns mourn
the loss of the above
their beloved parents
"He was a true and faithful friend
in life and died a happy death
May the Lord Have Mercy On Their Souls"

Edward D'arcy ( Darcy) was the teacher at the Knocklishen Hedge School, he was then succeeded by his son Michael- and Knockishen was to become the last Hedge School in Rathvilly Parish as later it became a National School. Thomas and Catherine D'Arcy nee ? continued at the National School as teachers, along with the main subjects, the gave tuition in Music - they had a family of 7 children  their eldest son was William Edward born? died?  who in 1878 was organist at the Carlow Cathedral, and in the same year aided by his sister Helen he organised a concert which was held at the Rathvilly Boys School, Helen went on to be a presentation Nun. Of the 7 children three were girls and all entered the Presentaion Order in Lucan.

Elizabeth born 1850 entered the Order in 1868 going on to become Mother Stanislaus D'Arcy Foundress of the Presentation Order in Lismore Australia. Unfortunatley all the records of Elizabeth background had been destroyed in Australia  so help was asked for and received from the Rev Mothers' in Lucan and Lismore Cameto Rathvilly.

After this long intro I am now wondering if the above Lucan and Lismore departments still exist today?
I have also learnt that a son Michael also emigrated to Australia. What became of Him?
I am interested in any Irish person that came to Australia, and its Island Tasmania

Source: Cara

Patrick's Cemetery Rathvilly
Statue in St. Patrick's Cemetery Rathvilly
John Nolan, Catherine Fluskey, Ellen Kirwin. Mountkelly
Mary Nolan. Ladystown
Michael, Bridget, Annie, Kate, Elizabeth, James, Michael and Joseph Nolan
Entrance to St Patrick's Cemetery Rathvilly
Michael Nowlan.
James Dowling, James Dowling, Judith Dowling, Michael Dowling, Roseanna Dowling, Patrick Dowling, Michael Dowling. Braughillstown
William Nolan
Laurence and Bridget Brennan. Phillipstown
James Nolan & Brian O’Donoghue. Williamstown

While I was over in Carlow in 2011 I had a chance to go to St. Patrick's Cemetery in Rathvilly for a very quick trip. I took a few photos (above) that I've enclosed for the website.

The following is an inscription from inside St. Patrick's church in Rathvilly...I have included a close-up shot of the beginning for easier reading.

Erected by Rev. P. C. Nolan P.P.
To the memory of his predecessors
In this parish. A.D. 1860
Rev. David Byrne appointed in 1674
Parish Priest died 1746 aged 96
Burried at Kilranlagh.
Rev. DanL  Murphy succeeded
And governed the Parish 52 years
Died 1798 aged 102. Burried in
Tyneclash Chapelyard.
His successor was Rev. Nicholas Nolan P.P.
15 years died 1813 aged 71 years
Buried in chapelyard Rathvilly
Next succeeded Rev. PatK  Moore P.P. 26 years
Died 1839 aged 73 burried in Tyneclash
His successor Rev. John Ghan died 1854
Aged 70. P.P. 15 years buried in Chapelyard Rathvilly
Rev. P. C. Nolan succeeded died 1885 aged 83
P,P, 30 years,
Burried in St. Patricks Church Rathvilly.
Rev. John Phelan succeeded P.P. 18 years died 1903
Burried in front of this church,
Very Rev. Mgr. John Delaney V.F. succeeded P.P. 38 yrs
Died 1941 aged 83 yrs buried in chaprl yard Rathvilly
Very Rev. Daniel Murphy succeeded P,P, 2 years.
Died 1944 aged 63 years. Buried in Cemetery Rathvilly.
Very Rev. Thomas P. Murphy succeded P.P. 12 years
Died 1959, aged 72 years. Buried in front of this church.
Very Rev. Nicholas Cullen succeeded P.P. 1959 – 1983. Died 1988. Buried in church grounds.
Very Rev. Bernard Ryan C.C. 1977 to 1983 succeeded as P.P. 1983.
Died 1993. Buried in front of Our Lady’s Grotto.
Very Rev. Edward Flood succeeded as P.P. 1993 – 2009.
Died 2010. Buried in church Grounds

Images of headstones provided by Maribeth Nolan

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