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Richard Corrigan Papers
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Marriage Transcriptions

Marriages - 1679-1756

Marriages - Old Leighlin 1849-1874 

Marriages - 1921-1946 & 1845 

Marriages – 1679-1756

Francis Malloan  m. Elisabeth Garret 1679

William Malone  Ballybromhill Carlow
Parents Francis and Elisabeth  Ballybromhill
m. Sarah Hutton, Painstown Carlow
in Newgarden  1.4.1715

Elisabeth Malone Ballybromhill, Carlow
Parents Francis and Elisabeth Ballybromhill
m. Daniel Whitton Residence Loagh 7.11.1721

James Malone Ballybromhill   Carlow
Parents Francis and Elizabeth
mm Susanna Hutton  Carlow 2.11.1722

Mary Malone Ballybromhill
Parents Francis and Elisabeth
Married Benjamin Whitton  Mountmellick 12.12.17[0]3

William Malone  Ballyragan  Co. Kildare
Parents James and ? Ballyragan
m. Mary Weilly  Cork
at Kilconnor    20.6.1754

Elisabeth Malone Ballyragan,     Co. Kildare
Parents James and ?  Ballyragan
m. Robert Dudley  Rosecrea
at Newtown  Co. Kildare

Marriages – Old Leighlin 1849-1874

 25th Jan 1849               WILLIAM BRODERICK Poulpasty age 40 Widower
                                    to ANNE SHIRLEY Knockabranna Father Thomas Shirley age 26

May 13th 1856             RICHARD HAYES “Moanmore” father NAT. HAYES farmer
                                    to MARGARET DOWSER full age The Ridge father farmer

Nov 17th 1856             JOHN SHIRLEY father JOHN SHIRLEY
                                    to DEBORAH SHIRLEY “full age spinster” of Knockabrana father ANNESLEY

Dec 17th 1860              JOHN WILSON Widower Scan lausland ? father WM. WILSON
                                    to ANNE SHIRLEY “full age spinster” of Knockabranna father ANNESLEY

Jan 25th 1866               GEORGE O’NEILL full age Widower “Caponellan” Dorrow Parish father JOHN
                                    to SARAH SHIRLEY full age spinster “Knockbranna” father ANNESLEY

Feb 11th 1868              CHARLES HEAVENER full age bachelor farmer “Inistidge” father HARVEY
                                    to JANE MARHALL full age spinster “The Ridge” father JOE MARSHALL

28th? June 1868          THOMAS RIGLEY full The Ridge father FRANCIS RIGLEY farmer
                                    to MARY ANNE SHIRLEY Knockabranna father ABRAHAM SHIRLEY

?th Nov 1870               SAMUEL ASTLEFORD full age farmer father JOHN ASTLEFORD Coolcullen
                                    to EUPHEMIA SHIRLEY of Knockabranna father ANNESLEY SHIRLEY

?th Nov 1872               THOMAS BRADLEY full age bachelor farmer “Coolcullen” Mothel Parish
                                    to ANNE ELIZA SHIRLEY minor of Knockabranna father JOHN SHIRLEY

9th Dec 1874                RICHARD GRAHAM full age of Crulin Lough ? father THOMAS GRAHAM
                                    to ELIZA SHIRLEY of Knockabranna father ABRAHAM SHIRLEY

Marriages – 1845, 1921-1946

 18th Dec 1845            RICHARD DALY full age farmer, The Ridge, father LAURENCE
                                    to MARY SHIRLEY full age spinster Knockabranna, father
                                    THOMAS SHIRLEY.
                                    Witness JOHN SHIRLEY, FRANK B. made his mark.

June 22nd 1921            ROBERT HARPUR full age bachelor farmer, born Co. Kilkenny
                                    to JANE SHIRLEY, Old Leighlin father JOHN SHIRLEY,
                                    Witness SOPHIE SHIRLEY, THOMAS STONE

 Nov, 7th 1927            JAMES DIMOND age 35 Coolcullen, father Major DIMOND
                                    to ANNIE SOPHIA SHIRLEY age 23 spinster Knockabranna father
                                    JOHN SHIRLEY.  Witness’s THOMAS GRIFFITH, DEBORAH SHIRLEY

 June 25th 1946            ABRAHAM SHIRLEY age 48 farmer Knockabranna father

                                    ABRAHAM SHIRLEY
                                    to SARAH SHIRLEY widow age 36 The Ridge father
                                    WILLIAM BRADLEY,
                                    Witness’s ESTHER SUSAN BRADLEY, ANNESLEY HOLMES.

Transcribed by Maribeth Nolan Oct 2012
Source: Turtle Bunbury

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