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Pat Purcell Papers
William Pollard

By kind permission of Michael Purcell

County of Carlow to witt...

16th July 1840.



I William Pollard do swear that I am a Householder, and have a House wherein I usually reside at Tombay in the Parish of Hacketstown Barony or Half-Barony of Rathvilly and Carlow County and that I am worth the sum of Ten Pounds Sterling over and above all my just debts. So help me God.

(signed) William Pollard.

Surnames: Chaney, Heath, Morten, Dempsey, Foley, Warburton, Connors & Murphy.

[Note added 2012, transcribed verbatim, this is the first and only time we have seen "Examinations" or "Informations"  referred to as "Statements" in the PPP dealing with the period 1740 to 1860s]

Pat Purcell Papers.


The Statements of James Chaney, Servant man to Dr. Edward Heath of Rathvilly~~ he the said James Chaney having been fully and Duly Cautioned Saith ~

I was living in Rathvilly about 6 months ago, I went to the House of Patt Ward in Rathvilly, I cannot tell the day but Bridget Dempsey asked me to go with her one night to Mr Morten of Mount Lucas.

She told me she was going to Her Sister Ellen [crossed out] who lives at Mr Mortens for some milk -- I went with her and when I went near the House I said I would stop there until until she came out, she pressed me to go forward, I did so. And I saw her go into the Cow House and heard her milking the Cow into the Tin Can ~

When she came out she had about half the Can full of milk. I returned with her to Rathvilly, she wanted me to go in and drink some of the Milk, I refused and went home ~.

Not long after that I was in Lowry Fowleys House in Rathvilly when I heard him and Bridget and Ellen Dempsey Ploting to go to Mr Mortens to Steal a Lamb. I cannot tell if they went for the Lamb or not.

After the Milking of the Cow I was returning to Baltinglass for my Shirt of a Saturday night when I overtook at a late Hour of the night Bridget and Ellen Dempsey and Lowry Foley towards the Mote of Rathvilly.

Bridget Dempsey told me she was going to her Sister at Mr Mortens who sent for her, she did not tell me for what.

I accompanied them to a lane turning down to Mr Mortens they desired me to wait there until they came back. I remained there and when they came back which they did in about half an hour I saw with them a large Silver Spoon and a quanity of Meal Eithen Barley or Bere Meal cannot tell which.

There appeared to be about one can…

[the following line is missing]

--- on the road to Rathvilly they hid some of the Meal, I did not return in company with them they having gone across the field. I went the road --they did not bring into Foleys House all the meal I saw with them which makes me say they Hid some of it -- .

When they brought it into Foleys they divided what they had -- I heard them say they broke open the door.

I believe Lowry Foley to be a regular night walker. I have frequently seen him returning at late hours of the night with Potatoes -- I never heard what they did with the Silver Spoon –

(signed) James, his X mark, Chaney.
Declared before me this 18th May 1840 at Baltinglass
(signed) Barth Warburton.
Mary Fowley Saith Ellen Connors bought wool and Mutton from Ellen Dempsey -- Ellen Dempsey, Catherine Murphy.
Received 13th July 1848.
(signed) James McDonagh.
This document was transcribed by Michael Purcell

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.
This document was transcribed by Michael Purcell
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