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Joseph Garrett 1864

By kind permission of Michael Purcell

Joseph Garrett 1864

Letter in the PPP. (4 pages)

Dated October 25th 1864.

To: Denis Pack-Beresford, Fenagh House, Carlow, from Joseph Garrett, Norwood County, Peterborough, Canada West, North America.


I once more write you, I have laid before you the foundation on which I rest my claim. I have repeatedly asked from you that through what means I might purchase a house over here and return you the principle together with interest, a house which I have been unjustly deprived of.

I can give you good substantial proof to my character both here and in Ireland.

I have referred you to S.K. Garrett, Janeville, c/o Fenagh Post Office, Carlow.

There are several people going from down here to California, they are not there long when they have plenty of money to defray the expenses of their whole family and also plenty of money to pay all their debts. I have been told from good authority that girls gets from 20 to 35 dollars per month there and I have no less than 5 girls in my family. I know also from the same authority that if I was only over there it would be my own fault if I did not have a house in a very short time.

Now Sir, £50 pounds would bring me and my family to California and I will promise and you may depend on my word as certain as there is a Divine Providence over us that I will return that promise of paying you back that £50 with 10% interest.

And if you do not send me that £50 nor answer this letter all I can say  is this .......That the same measurement you measure out to me will be returned to yourself would not miss the £50 no more than I would miss a half-penny.

I want to be put in a condition of getting a house in place of the house I have been unjustly deprived of by Lord Beresford, you are now in possession of his Estates and when Lord Beresford did not give me the means of getting a house you have a just right to do whatever .....however if you do not send me the £50 you may be before long be in the same condition as Lord Beresford is now (dead).

I want the means for me and my son to go to California, if you do not answer this letter I will not say any more.......Mercy to those who show Mercy ......and to those who is willing to give means in a just cause to get a house.

Send me £50 and mark my words, you will never rue it …do not send it to me and you may rue it when perhaps it is too late and when you cannot help yourself,

(signed) Joseph Garrett.

N.B. I thank Divine Providence I can support my family by honest industry, I candidly confess I cannot get a house. Write to S.K. Garrett, Janeville, Fenagh to know if my family was not turned out of their house by Lord Beresford.


The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

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