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The History And Antiquities of
The County of Carlow 1784

 The Hon. Henry Lawes Luttrell & Henry Bruen, Esq

Ordered — That the Hon. Henry Lawes Luttrell, now in custody of the serjeant at arms attending this house, be discharged, paying his fees.  The name of Henry Bruen, Esq., being called, Ordered— That Henry Bruen, Esq., now in custody of the serjeant at arms attending this house, be discharged, paying his fees.

Sir John Browne, Bart.& William Burton, Esq

23d February, 1784, — The names of Sir John Browne, Bart. (&c.) being severally called, and no excuse being made for their absence, they were severally ordered into the custody of the serjeant at arms attending this house. 28th February, 1784. The names of Sir John Browne, Bart., William Burton, Esq., (&c.) being severally called, they were severally excused in pursuance of the resolution of Thursday the 6th day of November last.

1st March, 1784. — A petition of the gentlemen, clergy, and freeholders of the county of Carlow, was presented to the house, and read, setting forth, that the petitioners, sensible of the excellence of our original constitution, wish to have it restored to its genuine principles. That the petitioners, with concern observe that the people are not at present adequately represented; that the majority of the present house of commons are 'returned by a few interested individuals, and therefore cannot be said to speak the voice of the people ; and that the trust which electors repose in their representatives- is of the utmost importance, and ought frequently to revert to its original owners. That a reform of the parliamentary representation would add lustre and dignity to the crown, secure the happiness and prosperity of the people, and invigorate the trade and manufactures of this kingdom: and therefore praying the house will take these things into serious consideration, and pass such laws as shall appear adequate to remedy the grievances complained of.

Ordered — That the said petition do lie on the table for the perasal of the members.
Parliament was prorogued on the 14th May, 1784, and met again on the 20th January, 1785.


County of Catherlogh. Wm. Burton, Esq.

Borough of Catherlogh. Sir John Browne, Bart.

Borough of Old Leighlin. Right Hon. Henry Lawes Luttrell, commonly called lord Luttrell.

Hon.. Arthur Acheson, 1st Earl of Gosford

Source: The History And Antiquities of The County of Carlow.

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