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1796 - Kallender of Prisoners

By kind permission of Michael Purcell  12/2009

Extract from Browne-Clayton Papers:

Kallender of Prisoners in Custody of Philip Newton, Esquire, High Sheriff of Carlow. 6th day of October 1796

Edward Byrne fined two marks and to give Security to be of the Peace for seven years.

John Rourke guilty of assault, fined one mark (13 shillings and 4 pence) and then discharged.

Thomas Deer found guilty of two assaults and to be imprisoned for a fortnight, fined six pence.' This also tells us Thomas was a blacksmith.

Following the 1798 rebellion men in the area made the statements such as the following made by Thomas Deer. (records found in UK by and held by Mick Purcell):

'Thomas Deer of Bridewell Lane, Dealer, Sworn by his brother John Deer of Cockpit lane, had a pike and gave to Mr. Nowland, the priest and requires a protection.'

Thomas's son James raised his own family on Pollerton Road. (Source: Kristian Markus)


I believe that the "Mr. Nowland the priest" mentioned was likely the Reverend Doctor Nicholas Nowland who was leasing a large piece of land from the Leckys in the Ballon area in 1787 and was also the Parish Priest of Ballon in the 1780s.

Sent to Carlow mailing list by Roger Nowlan


Kallender 1796.

 Carlow General Quarter Sessions held at Carlow Court House, Burrin Street on the 6th day of October 1796.

A Kallender of Prisoners left in the custody of Philip Newton, Esquire. High Sheriff of Carlow County until they perform the Rules and pay the fees respectively annexed to their names.

Edward Byrne who was found guilty at the last Sessions on two Indictments fined two marks and to give Security to keep the Peace for seven years. 1pound, 15shillings and 3pence.

The said Edward Byrne for the 2nd Indictment 1pound, 12 shilling and 9pence.

John Rourke who was found guilty of an assault fined one mark and to be discharged, he having performed the other part of the Rule against him. 13shillings and 4pence.

Thomas Deer who was found guilty of two assaults to be imprisoned for a fortnight, fined six pence and to give Security before a Magistrate  to be of the Peace. 1pound. 7shillings and 9pence.

Received a true Copy of this Kallender, (signed) John [ ? ],  Gaoler at Carlow Gaol. [Jailer at Carlow Jail]

(signed) Benjamin Bunbury, One of the Magistrates of the Peace for Carlow County appointed by our Majesty Lord George, King, Defender of the Faith and so Forth.

By kind permission of Michael Purcell  12/2009


The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

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