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Fast and Abstinence!

By kind permission of Michael Purcell  12/2009

Fast and Abstinence!

Minutes of Carlow Workhouse 1857.

Resolved: That the Roman Catholic chaplain applied to the Board to give the Roman Catholic paupers a substitute for milk with their breakfast tomorrow "being Good Friday" as they are required to observe Fast and Abstinence by church law~~

The Board acceded to his wishes and ordered the Master of the Workhouse to provide water as a substitute instead of milk.

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

Transcribed by Jean Casey, 2010

Leinster Express,

Saturday, October 10, 1857; Page: 5

An aged man named Patrick Byrne, who came by his death under the following circumstances: It appears from the evidence that the deceased was employed by a person named Burgess, a tenant of Colonel Kane Bunbury, at Tobinstown, near Carlow, as a herd, and while engaged at this avocation he was attacked by a furious bull, which set upon him, and having knocked him down, literally buried his horns in the unfortunate man's prostrate body.

His cries attracted the attention of several persons who were engaged at a short distance from this distressing scene, and on ascertaining the cause they immediately procured the assistance of four courageous dogs, with which they endeavoured to extricate Byrne from his perilous position. In this they partially succeeded, for at this juncture the animal directed his fury against both men and dogs, and obstinately defended himself against their united attacks for nearly half an hour, but at length was ultimately overcome and routed.

The unfortunate man all this time lay, writhing in intense agony, his mangled body presenting a frightful spectacle, being saturated with the blood which flowed copiously from his wounds. A physician was immediately sent for, who dressed his wounds, and had him instantly conveyed to the County Infirmary; but medical skill was unavailing, and he died in a few hours afterwards. The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the foregoing facts.

Source: From: Turtle Bunbury <>

Carlow 1857.

The Information and Complaint of James Moore of Carlow, Taken this 23rd day of June 1857, who saith that on the 23rd Day of June 1851, James Mack and Owen Brennan and William Holden and Eliza Coffey and Mary Frankly all of Carlow did meet, Waylay and Assault the said James Moore with intent to do him bodily Injury. James Mack striking him with a Stick and Eliza Coffey broke a Jug on his Shoulder. I believe my life is in danger by the Said James Mack, Owen Brennan, Eliza Coffey and Mary Frankly and William Holden.

(signed) James Moore. Sworn before me the day and year first above-mentioned at Carlow

(signed) C. H. Tuckey. Form

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

Transcribed by Mary Corcoran, Oct. 2009

1857 Page 85 1863

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