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Beresford vs. Watters

By kind permission of Michael Purcell

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    December 1889.

    Irish National League meetings discussing the Beresford vs. Watters events.

    Ballon and Rathoe Branch;

    Monthly meeting. The secretary noted 54 men from Ballon and 3 from Rathoe in attendance. He recorded that "the inclemency of the weather accounted for the numerical inferiority of the deputation from Rathoe".

    A letter was read from the Borris Branch relative to the monstrous behaviour of Mr Pack-Beresford of hanging-gale notoriety, towards a tenant of his named Mrs Watters. The principal feature of the letter was a resolution which the Ballon / Rathoe branch was asked to adopt, to stop Mr Beresford from hunting with the Carlow hounds.

    One member pointed out that they could not stop him hunting as he is in the habit of riding on the roads.

    Mr Hanlon, said that he did not approve of this method of stopping hunting.

    After further conversation the meeting unanimously adopted the resolution and directed the secretary to communicate their intentions to Mr Robert Watson, the Master of the hounds.

    Carlow town, Tinryland and Bennekerry Branch.

    Meeting held in Town Hall. A resolution was read from Borris condemning the treatment which Mrs Waters had been subjected to by the landlord, Mr Beresford, and expressed the opinion that the farmers ought, in self-respect and to show their sympathy by preventing Beresford from hunting over their lands. The Chairman, Mr John Kelly, said that it was for the farmers to decide if they would permit this objectionable person to hunt over their lands.

    Bagenalstown Branch;

    Following a lengthened debate the following resolution was passed. We call upon Mr Beresford to reconsider his harsh treatment of Mr Michael Waters and his mother and ask him "to put Mr Waters on an equality with the other tenants on the estate, failing to do this we ask the tenant farmers to mark their disapproval of his treatment by preventing him from hunting over their lands"..

    Tullow Branch;

    The meeting was requested by the Borris branch to oppose the tyrannous treatment of Mr Michael Waters, who was one of their members.

    James Murphy said that the Beresfords are the sorest and bitterest landlords in the county Carlow. The Chairman, Mr Thomas Bolger, asked if anyone could enlighten them as to the merits of this case. He said that he was inclined to question anything that comes from Borris as the people of that place have been very unreliable in the past and he was reluctant to stop Mr Beresford from hunting over his lands. Mr Michael Murphy from Roscat told the meeting that the hounds of the hunt had chased a pony of his across a wire fence, causing such injuries to the animal as caused its death in a short time. He sought compensation from Mr Watson who directed him to Mr Hardy Eustace who told him that the huntsman was irresponsible for every, and all damages whilst engaged in the chase.

    The Chairman stated that in his opinion the hunt was eminently calculated to develop both muscle and daring; "and we know that some of the most daring officers the patriot armies of Ireland ever produced got their training in the hunting field, albeit the majority of modern foxhunters would sooner be considered West Britons". The secretary was directed to write to Borris to suggest a county convention on the subject.

    Newtown Branch;

    The meeting after lengthened consideration of a Resolution from Borris to stop Mr Beresford from hunting over the land in the area, and of which he is the main landlord, decided to allow the matter to stand over until the next meeting, the secretary , John D. McGrath, having reason to believe that the dispute is about to be settled.

    The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

  • Transcribed by Jean Casey, January 2010

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