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Pat Purcell Papers
More Nolan/Nowlans 1850

Source:  Mr Michael Purcell

More Nowlans 1850.

From a batch of Legal papers purchased by Michael Purcell at auction in Mealys in 2002.

John James Leckey, Esquire.
Landlord and Plaintiff.


James Kepple, Judith Nowlan, widow, John Nowlan, Marcella Nowlan, James Maher, Judith Shortall and Patrick Brennan.


Ejectment by Civil Bill for recovery and Possession of ALL THAT AND THOSE, that part of the Lands of Killaan Containing 27 Acres and 24 perches or thereabouts together with all Houses and Buildings thereon situate in the Parish of Ballyellin Barony of Forth.  One Full Years rent 40 Pounds 10 Shillings and 8 Pence.

Sworn before me in open Court at Tullow, this day 1st January 1850.
(signed) Robert Rudkens. (Assistant Barrister)

Strolling Begger

Stealing 1850.

I Matthew Griffon of Ballynockvian, Carlow, a Servant Boy to one Mary Doyle of Ballynockvian, Widow, on the Third day of December 1850 I detected David Burtchaell, a Strolling Begger Stealing potatoes out of a pit the property of Mary Doyle in the back of Her House at Ballynockvian.

(signed) Matthew Griffon.


1850, Happy New Year

The Carlow Sentinel.

January 1850.


The detachment of the 71st Regiment stationed in Carlow Barracks, ushered in the New Year amid much mirth and rejoicing, combined with substantial fare on Tuesday evening last.

Each Barrack room was tastefully decorated with laurels and other evergreens. In one of the rooms were the portraits of the Duke of York, the Duke of Wellington, and Lord Hill.

At 5 o'clock the men assembled in the several rooms and partook of dinner, which consisted of roast beef, plum pudding, with abundance of wines etc.

About 9 o'clock dancing commenced to the music of the Scotch bagpipes, fiddle, etc., when Scotch reels and the Highland Fling were kept up with unabated ardour to a late hour, amid good feeling and harmony.

The 8th Hussars very kindly undertook the duty of the garrison on that day, to enable the 71st to enjoy themselves.

[Note added 2012. According to the Pat Purcell Papers the Officers and men of the 71st Regiment, Scottish Division, were responsible for establishing a Fire Brigade Service in Carlow.

For many years the only Fire Brigade service for County Carlow was the Fire Brigade division stationed in the Carlow British Military Barracks, the soldiers responded many times to fires in the Carlow area.

For many years the Officer in charge was the aptly named Captain Dashwood.

In 1850 the 71st Regiment obtained permission to present their Fire equipment to the people of Carlow.]


Transcribed by M. Purcell c2008-2012.
Document provided by kind permission of Michael Purcell - Sept 2008-2012.

From: Friend of Carlow <>

1850, Bowles, Hughes, Moore, Nolan.

[note added 2013 - not sure why the dates differ on this report, Mick might throw some light on this when he returns]

Carlow Sentinel.

17th August 1850.

Carlow Petty Sessions - Monday - May 12th.


Patrick Hughes was charged by Edward Nolan and Daniel Moore with having on the evening of the 5th instant, assaulted them.

The plaintiff proved the charge, which was corroborated by a man named Bowles.

The mother of the defendant appeared and after ably cross-examining the plaintiffs, exhibited a shirt covered with blood, caused by the blows which the plaintiffs inflicted on her son, the defendant, from the effects of which he was then unable to attend.

The Bench ordered the defendant to be imprisoned one fortnight for each offence.

From: Michael Purcell <>

1850, Bunbury, Lord Gough, Smith

Carlow Sentinel.

8th June 1850.

Festivities at Moyle.

On Monday last, Colonel Bunbury gave an entertainment to his tenantry and labourers at Moyle, in commemoration of the visit of the gallant veteran,

Lord Gough.The wives and children of the parties were invited to partake of the substantial fare provided for the occasion.

At three o'clock about 150 persons sat down to dinner:- - Mr Smith presided. After the usual loyal toasts, the health of their worthy host, Colonel Bunbury, was proposed and responded to, amid loud applause.

A brilliant display of fireworks, dancing, and rustic amusements followed, and the company did not separate till an early hour in the following morning.

From: Michael Purcell <>

1850, Lord Gough in Carlow.

[note added 2013 by Michael Purcell -- Field Marshall, Lord Hugh Gough was the son of Letitia Bunbury of Carlow, he is googleable].

Field Marshal Hugh Gough, 1st Viscount Gough KP, GCSI, KCB, PC (3 November 1779 2 March 1869), was a British Army officer. He was said to have commanded in more general actions than any other British officer of the 19th century except the Duke of Wellington.

Born at Woodstown House, County Limerick, he was the son of Lieut.-Colonel George Gough (17501836) of Woodstown House, Deputy-Governor of County Limerick, and his wife Letitia Bunbury, daughter of Thomas Bunbury of Lisnevagh House and Moyle, Co. Carlow. He was a member of an old Anglo-Irish family long settled in County Limerick since the early 17th century.

Carlow Sentinel.

25th May 1850.

The Carlow Buffs.

It was in this Regiment, the 119th, which was raised by the late Colonel Rochfort of Clogrennane, that General Viscount Gough commenced his military career in the line, after leaving the Limerick Militia.

From the Carlow Buffs, in which he served as a Lieutenant, he entered the 87th Regiment, which he subsequently commanded during the Peninsular War, and at the head of this gallant corps he captured a French Eagle on the heights of Barossa, and the baton of one of Napoleon's Marshals.

Arrival of Lord Gough at Moyle.

On Saturday last Colonel Bunbury received a visit from his distinguished relative, Lord Gough.  Locals who were desirous of testifying their respect to the gallant veteran were disappointed by his non-arrival by the seven o'clock train.

He arrived by carriage at the Carlow Club-House about eight o'clock, where Colonel Bunbury's carriage awaited his arrival, and accompanied by the Hon. Captain Gough, they proceeded without delay to Moyle, where arrangements were made on a splendid and extensive scale to give his lordship a truly Irish welcome.

Lord Gough looked fresh and well, after thirteen years absence in China and India.

A large number of the tenantry of the Bunbury estates, and people of the neighbourhood, assembled at an early hour.

Moyle was magnificently fitted up for his lordship reception. In the evening an immense bonfire was lit on the adjoining height, which continued during the night to cast a glare on the surrounding district.

The assembled crowd amused themselves until a late hour, being abundantly supplied with ale and porter by the worthy host.

The gentry of the county were invited to meet the gallant chief, who has well entitled himself to a niche in the Gallery of  "Illustrious Irishmen".

Among those who attended were - Captain W.B. M'Clintock Bunbury, M.P., Colonel Bruen, M.P., Sir Thomas Butler, Bart., Sir James Strong, Bart., the High Sheriff, B. Burton and Thomas Bunbury.

4th October 1850.

Affidavit to Verify Civil Bill Ejectment.
Plaintiffs; Matilda DeRenzy, Frances D'Harrisson, Anne Vigors., Defendant; John Thomas Murphy. Ambrose Doran of Old Leighlin, Farmer.


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