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Pat Purcell Papers
Pat Lacey 1848
County Carlow

A Lad in 1848; Pat Lacey.

From the Pat Purcell Papers PP.

24th October 1848.

County of Carlow
to Wit

By C. H. Tuckey, Resident Magistrate, One of Her Majestys' Justices of the Peace in and for Carlow.

THE INFORMATION of Pat Lacey, a Lad, of Pollerton Road in the County of Carlow who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists saith that on this day 24th day of October 1848 Jeremiah Kennedy knocked me down on the high road at Carlow and robbed me of four silver shilling pieces, two penny Copper pieces and two copper half penny pieces -- he swore after he robbed me if I followed him he would dash my brains out with a Stone. My uncle is Pat Lacey of Pollerton near Carlow and he is my nearest relation as my father and Mother are Dead -- I am about sixteen years of age -- he also stole my handkerchief - value One penny ~~

(signed) Pat, his, X mark, Lacey.
Sworn before me at Carlow, October 24th 1848.
(signed) C.H.Tuckey.
Image of original document transcribed by M. Purcell from PPP c.2012

Source: M. Purcell & Trevor Clowry c.2012.

Surnames: Jackson & Neill 1848.

From Pat Purcell Papers.


By James Butler and H.Eustace, Esquires.

Two of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace in Carlow.

Winfred Neill, Married Woman of Cool in the Parish of Rathvilly, Carlow who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists, deposeth that on the 3rd day of April 1845 Joseph Jackson, Isac Jackson and Mary Hall came to her husband's house at Cool took forcible possession of said house, threw out his furniture and ? Shillings and six pence that has never since been found, she further saith that she was then and there assaulted by Joseph Jackson, Isac Jackson and Mary Hall and that Joseph Jackson threw out her infant child on the yard by which said child was severely hurt.

(signed) Winfred, her X mark, Neill.
Sworn before me this 8th day of April 1848.
(signed) H.Eustace, James Butler.

Names: Taylor, Fox & Fennelly 1848

From Pat Purcell Papers.


By Charles H. Tuckey, Esquire, One of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace for Carlow.

The Information of John Taylor, School Master of the Carlow Poor Law Union, Carlow, who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists deposeth that on the 15th day of July 1848 a boy named Patrick Fox of Bagenalstown, Carlow, absconded from the Work House taking with him One Cap - One Jacket One Trowsers and One Shirt the property of the Guardians of Said Work House.

William Fennelly of Farnans in the Queen's County aged about 12 years also absconded from the Work House taking with him One Cap - One Jacket - OneTrowsers and One Shirt the property of the Guardians,

(signed) John Taylor.

Sworn before me this 1818 day of July 1848.
(signed) C. H. Tuckey, Resident Magistrate.
Transcribed by Friend of Carlow 2012.

Names: Wright, Dempsey, Conneran & Connors.

Pat Purcell Papers.


William Wright, Baliff, do swear that I usually reside at Hacketstown in the Parish of Hacketstown half Barony of Rathvilly and County of Carlow. So help me God (signed) William Wright.

Charles Dempsey do swear that I am a Householder, and have a House wherein I usually reside at Hacketstown 5.00

(signed) Charles Dempsey.

James Conneran do swear that I am a Householder, and have a House wherein I usually reside 5.00.

(signed) James, his X mark, Conneran.

William Wright shall keep the Peace and be of good behaviour towards all Her Majesty's leige Subjects, but particularly towards John Connors.

Sworn respectively, taken and acknowledged before me the 25th day of June 1848.

(signed) [   ?   ]

1848 ~ County of Wicklow                             The Statement of James Chancey

                                                       Late Servant Man to Dr Edward Heath of Rathvilly

           The said James Chancey Having been fully and duly cautioned Saith I was living in Rathvilly, about 6 months ago, I went to the house of Patt Ward in Rathvilly. I cannot tell the day but Bridget Dempsey asked me to go with her one night to Mr Morton of McLucas, she said she was going to her sisters who lives at Mr Mortons for some milk, I went with her and when I went near the house I said I would help these  ..,  she came out, she prompted me to go forward, I did so and I saw her go into the cow house and I heard her milking the cow into the tin can, when she came out she had about half the can full of milk, I returned with her to Rathvilly, she wanted me to drink some of the milk, I refused and went home. Not long after that, I was in Lowry Fowleys house in Rathvilly when I heard him and Margaret and Ellen Dempsey plotting to go to Mr Mortons to heal or steal a lamb, I cannot tell if they went for the lamb or not. After the milking of the cow I was returning to Baltinglass for my share when I overtook,at a late hour of the night, Bridget and Ellen Dempsey and Lowry Foley towards the Mote of Rathvilly. Bridget Dempsey saw me, she was going to her sisters at Mr Mortons who sent for her, she did not tell me for what. I accompanied them to a lane turning down to Mr Mortons, they .. with these until they came back. I . These and when they came back which they did in about half an hour, they had with them a large silver spoon and a quantity of meal, either Barley or bone meal, cannot tell, which appeared to be about a one case.            

Page 2 continued     

To Rathvilly, they hid some of the meal, he did not return in company with them, they, moving across the field, I went that road, they did not bring all the meal to Fowleys house all the meal I saw with them, which makes me say they hid some of it, when they brought it with Foley, they divided what they had. I heard them say they broke open the door.   I believe  Lowry Fowley to be a night walker. I have frequently seen him returning at late hours of the night with potatoes I never heard what they did with the silver spoon.               

Declared before me this day this 10th May 1848 Balinglass               

?????????? Warburton                

                                                                                  Received 13th Day 1848


The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

 Transcribed by Tony Cowperthwaite

Stealing Timber!

14th January, 1848.
Michael Kilfoyle, Labourer of Castle Mills, Carlow, states that he saw John Brennan, Carpenter, of Gallypot Row, Carlow, steal a piece of Beech timber value six pence out of Castle Mills, Carlow, the property of Misters Simion Clarke, John Clarke and Richard Wilson.
(signed) Michael Kilfoyle,
(signed) C.H.Tuckey, Resident Magistrate.
In the eleventh year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith, and soforth.
The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.
This document was transcribed by Pat O' Reagan


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