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Pat Purcell Papers
County Carlow 1823

Surnames mentioned: Clowry, Nowlan, Rourke & Norbury 1823.

From Pat Purcell Papers

March 1823

To Michael Rourke.

TAKE NOTICE that I have this day Surrendered myself a prisoner to the Sheriff of the County of Carlow and am now in actual Custody in the Jail of Carlow to abide my tryal for any charge which may be brought against me before the next Assize to be held in Carlow on Monday 24th day of March 1823.

Dated this the 10th day of March 1823.(signed) Edward Nowlan of Kilniaglush.

Patrick Clowry of Ballybreen, Carlow, Farmer, aged upwards of thirty years maketh oath and saith that he served Michael Rourke with a notice signed by the Prisoner, Edward Nowlan, of which the above is a true copy by delivering the same to Michael Rourke's son, aged upwards of twenty  years at the said Michael Rourke's house.

(signed) Patrick Clowry. Sworn before me this day 24th March 1823.
(signed) Norbury.

[Note added by Michael Purcell 2011." Norbury" is Lord Norbury, who was known as the hanging judge. He acted as judge at the trial of Robert Emmet in 1803, during which he continually interrupted, sneered and abused Emmet throughout the trial before sentencing him to be hanged, drawn and quartered.]

Source: M. Purcell c2011&2012. Old newspapers in the PPP. & Source: Sue Clement

Extract from Carlow Inquest in the Benjamin D'Israeli papers 1823.

James Kinshilagh of Ardiston in Carlow Saith that on Saturday night last between nine and ten o'clock he was called upon by Loughlin Doyle who told him that a man was lying under a car on its side up the road and desired him to get up and assist him in Extricating the man.

He went with two other men and saw the man was under the car and the horse lying under the shaft whereof was the neck of the man under the weight of some sacks that were in the car were then dismantled and prevented the horse from getting up and the feet of the horse was very much mangled.

The flesh of the one of mans legs was tore and from which issued a great deal of blood.

Assisted by Patrick Cummins of Tortane and also his servant boy William Maher,

they succeeded in getting the man and boy out of the Ditch and put the car on the road and yoked the horse under it and the injured man said he would go to some house where he would get some Refreshment.

James Kinshelagh believes the man was Henry Griffin and that he was found dead sitting in the Car on the next day.

(signed) James - his X mark - Kinshelagh. Truly read out to James
Kinshelagh by -? - Byrne before signing.
Sworn before me this 3rd day of March 1823. (signed) - ? - Byrne. Coroner.

Source: Inquisitions Manuscripts courtesy of Michael Purcell

Names: Anderson, Coogan, Keogh, Molley, Doyle & Dunn 1823.

From Pat Purcell Papers,

February 1823.

The Information of Anderson Anderson that about two years ago he and Michael Doyle of the Cross roads of Rathvilly, James Coogan of Killalish, James Keogh of Knockbeg, Mick Molley and - Doyle, Blacksmith who lived near Castledermot all went to the house of  - Dunn of Ballyb ? in the County of Kildare -- -- they brought fire out of the house of Doyle, the blacksmith who lived near Dunns which Doyle and Molley put the fire into the thatch of Dunns dwelling house and burned it to the ground. (signed) Anderson, his X mark, Anderson.

Sworn before me this 24th day of February 1823.
(signed) Edward Box.

Name: Clowry, Date, Nowlan & Crowe 1823

From Pat Purcell Papers,

June 1823.

Answering Recognizance.

I Patrick Clowry (worth 5) do swear that I am a Householder,and have a House wherein I usually reside at Ballintrain in the Parish of Templepeter, Barony of Forth, Carlow along with James Crowe (worth 5.) of Killane acting as bondsmen for Samuel Nowlan of Knockenrane in the Parish of Fenagh, Carlow to answer such matters as shall be objected against Samuel Nowlan and also his wife by Thomas Date for Rescue and Assault.

(signed) Samuel Nowlan, Patt Clowry, James Crowe.

Sworn before me at Myshall Lodge this 12th day of June 1823

(signed) Robert Cornwall


Copy of origanal June 1823
Document [rovided by M. Purcell.

Names: McCoy, Byrne & Murphy

From Pat Purcell Papers,


 The Examination of Elizabeth Byrne of the Town of Carlow, Parish of Carlow, Townland of Carlow ~~~~~~

Sheweth that on the 9th day of December 1823 she was attacked by Nicholas Murphy of Carlow Town By the most Gross ILL Language, calling her a Whore and said he would prove her Not Married to Dennis Byrne and that her Daughter was a Bastard and that she robbed Anne McCoy of Three Hundred Pounds which he would Also prove and is Continually making use of such ILL Language that she is afraid of been attacked in the Streets and prevented of Going About her Lawful Business.

Elizabeth Byrne gave no provocation unless to Serve A Process Order on said Murphy for Rent Legally Due to her.

(signed) Elizabeth, her X mark, Byrne. being first truly read to her by ~~

Sworn before me this 13th of December 1823.

(signed) E. Butler. [ ? ].

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