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Pat Purcell Papers
County Carlow 1821

1821 James Warren etc.

1821 Recognizance:

James Warren, Householder, of Ballymurphy in the Parish of Tankardstown in the Barony of Rathvilly in Carlow and that he is worth the Sum of five pounds sterling above all his just Debts. John Hackett of Tullow, in the Barony of Rathvilly, Carlow ten pounds etc. John Whalley of Tullow etc. five pounds. Catherine Fenlon resides in Ballymurphy etc. ten pounds. Alice Redmond resides in Ballymurphy etc. ten pounds. Thomas Galway of Tullow etc. ten pounds. Michael Byrne of Tullow etc. ten pounds. James Hackett of Tullow etc. ten pounds. (all sign). Sworn before me this 3rd day of August 1821.

(signed) William Carter.

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

Transcribed by Jean Casey, 2010


Surnames: Ireland, Mulhall & MaGrath.1821.

From the PPP.


By the Reverend James MaGrath One of His Majesties Justices of the Peace for the County's of Carlow and Kilkenny.

The Information of Susanah Ireland of Ballyshane in Carlow.

Who being Duly Sworn on the Holy Evangelists Saith that She Has three Children Nursing belonging to The Foundling Hospital.

Previous to her Getting the Children One of them Called Mary Mulhall was first Nursed by Mary Donoughoo in Dr. W. Heans when first coming from the Hospital.

 When On the first of January 1821 John ? Donoughoo of Ballybrumel Felonously Stole the child Mary Mulhall Out of Susanah Ireland's yard by Pretending that they were Going for water, Susanah Ireland did not see Mary Mulhall since then

(signed) Susanah, her X mark, Ireland.
Sworn before me at Bagenalstown this 27th day of January 1821,
(signed) James MaGrath.


Auction Notice in the PPP.

(Surnames mentioned: Bunbury, Gorman & Farrell 1821.)

Phrumplestown House.

December 2, 1821.


For Three Lives, or Thirty-one Years, at the option of the Tenant.

The House And Demesne Of Phrumplestown, Co. Kildare, containing One Hundred And One Acres, part of the Estate of Benjamin Bunbury, Esq. situate within a Quarter of a Mile of the Turnpike Road leading from Castledermot to Carlow, one mile from the former and three from the latter.

Possession will be given as soon as value is offered.

Proposals will be received by Mr Timothy Gorman, Busherstown, Carlow at THE Court House Carlow on December 2, 1821.

Patrick Farrell, who lives on the premises will shew the Demesnse.

Source: M. Purcell c2011&2012. Old newspapers in the PPP. & Source: Sue Clement


Surnames: Clowry & Nowlan 1821.

Pat Purcell Papers.


The Information of Bridget Nowlan of Ulland, Carlow, Spinster, taken before me one of His Majestys Justices of the Peace, who duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists Saith that on Sunday evening last she was going to a Wake between the hours of six and seven O'Clock when she met Peter Clowry son of James Clowry of Ballybrien, farmer, who told her he wanted to speak to her and asked her to walk off the road into a field, that on going into the field Peter Clowry thought to force his hand into her pocket, which she prevented but got her's into it and took out a promissory note off Peter Clowry, which he (?) to her for the amount of Six pounds.

She also took out of her pocket two notes of the Bank of Ireland, Value one pound each, Bridget Nowlan conceiving that Peter Clowry wanted to rob her kept the notes tight in her hand, Peter Clowry then ? by the neck thinking to choke her and after some struggle he succeeded in forcibly and feloniously taking the said promissory note Value six pounds and also the two notes of the Bank of Ireland for one pound each with which Peter Clowry made off on hearing the noise of people approaching.

(signed) Bridget, her X mark, Nowlan,
first being truly read to her.
Sworn before me this 15th November 1821
(signed) Robert Cornwall.

Names: Nowlan & Clowry 1821.

I Bridget Nowlan do swear that I usually reside at Ullard in the Parish of Myshall and that I support myself by labour. So help me God.

(signed) Bridget, her X mark, Nowlan.
Sworn before me the 15th day of November 1821.
(signed) Robert Cornwall.

Bridget Nowlan acknowledges herself bound to our Sovereign Lord the King in the sum of [ ? ] Pounds Sterling.

The condition of this Recognizance is that the above bound Bridget Nowlan shall appear at the next Assizes and Prosecute Peter Clowry of Ballybreen for Robbery and Assault and not to depart the Court without Licence.

Taken and acknowledged before me this 15th Day of November 1821.
(signed) Robert Cornwall.


Names: Bow, Nevins, Magrath & Byrne

From Pat Purcell Papers.

Love ? 1821.

[Note added 2012, This is an extraordinary case. Passage is Passage West a port town in Cork, Ireland]

By the Reverend James Magrath One of His Majesties Justices of the peace for the County of Carlow and Kilkenny.

The Information of Bridget Bow of Ballinree, Carlow, Spencer [ sic --Spinster ], ~~

Bridget Bow being duly Sworn on the Holy Evangelists and Examined Saith that she Embarked at Waterford for America the 13th Day of April 1820 on Board the Nanaa [ ? ], Captain Nevins the day after she Embarking John Byrne of Ballinree, Carlow, Farmer, being at Passage, Bridget Going ashore at Passage met John Byrne who told her that if she went Abroad he Would not live after her and told her to come home with him and that he would Marry her, Bridget came home with him and when he found that she had money with her he told her to give him the money and that he would marry her with that. Bridget gave him the value of Twenty Guineas which he swindled her out of he also brought her to Dublin about a month back and when he got her there he robbed her of one pound six shillings and three pence Sterling.

(signed) Bridget Bow.
Sworn before me this 17th Day of September 1821,
(signed) James Magrath.
Bound by Recognizance annexed to Information in 10 pounds to Carlow Assizes.


I Thomas Barber do swear that I usually reside at Rathvindon in the Barony of Idrone West.
 (signed) Thomas Barber.
Sworn before me at Steuarts Lodge, Carlow 25th August 1821.

Surnames: Hamilton, Bernard & Bennet.

Pat Purcell Papers.

Carlow Morning Post.

December 1821.


In Gardiners-place, Dublin, Mrs Hamilton, wife of Charles Hamilton, Esquire, and daughter to the late Thomas Bernard, Esquire,  of Gayville, Carlow. The deceased was a most excellent woman; she was brought up, we may say, under our own eyes, by her kinsman and guardian, John Bennet, Esquire, of Viewmount, Carlow - having lost both parents at a very tender age ~

She has now in her 27th year, left a disconsolate husband and three infant children to deplore their irreparable loss.

1821, Establishing Roots.

Pat Purcell Papers.


Take Notice that I have planted, or caused to be planted on the Lands of Ballanaacrea in the Parish of Myshall, Barony of Forth and County of Carlow, lands held by me from John Whelan, Esquire, the following trees:~~

100 Larch. 62 Apple.
200 Ash. 25 Platting.
390 Spruce. 50 Lime.
130 Mountain Ash. 20 Silver Fir.
125 Alder. 50 Birch.
90 Sycamore. 20 Scotch Fir.
50 American Black Spruce.

and that I have given notice to the said John Whelan, Esquire.

Under whom I immediately derive of my Intention to register the trees and that I have given notice of my intention to register the trees by publick advertisment in the Dublin Gazette thirty days at the least previous to the date hereof.

(signed) James Corragan.

Sworn before me this 25th day of October 1822 (signed) John Cornwall.

1821, Establishing Roots. [Note by Michael Purcell]

 "By the end of the 17th century a great deal of Ireland's natural Woodlands had been cut down and timber was beginning to be in short supply.

Sir William Petty suggested that two million trees should be planted. It would appear that over 200,000 trees were planted in Carlow between 1770 and 1890.

In 1698, the first of seventeen Acts was applied to Ireland to enforce, or at least to encourage, the planting of trees.

The provisions of the 1765 Act, stated that, on the expiration of his lease, a tenant could claim for the value of the trees that he had planted, provided that he certified this planting and then lodged the certificate with the clerk of the peace for the county.

This exercise resulted in the Register of Trees which have survived for various counties in Ireland.

 The registrations were recorded at the quarter sessions and published in The Dublin Gazette.

Subsequently this information was entered in the ledger entitled Register of Trees into which, depending on the diligence of the Justice of the Peace, the original affidavits were copied out in full or in summary form.

This information can be useful to genealogists interested in a particular family who had long-established roots in a particular townland or county.

Note added 2012 by Michael Purcell : I  believe that many of the trees claimed for during this period were not planted, the application was a means of availing of the grant, all one needed was a friendly Justice of the Peace or a fellow Magistrate to witness your signature on claiming the grant.

Sources: Crown and Peace Records, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Pat Purcell Papers, Browne-Clayton Archive and Turtle Bunbury.]

Surnames: Langford, Keogh,Earl of Bessborough, & Cornwall.

Pat Purcell Papers.


I Richard Langford, do swear, that I have planted or caused to be planted, within twelve calendar moths last past, on Lands of Knockdrumagh in the Parish of Myshall held by me from George Ross Keogh, Esquire, on the Estate of Earl of Bessborough, the following trees Viz:

4,000 Larch.
2,000 Ash.
2,000 Sycamore.
3,000 Beech.
1,000 Scotch Fir.
1,000 Elms.
1,000 Spruce Fir.

and that I have given notice to the Agent of the Earl of Bessborough of my intention to register said Trees, Five months at the least previous to this day.

Dated this 24th day of April 1821.
(signed) Richard Langford.
Sworn before me this 24th April 1821.
(signed) John Cornwall


August 1821.

I Thomas Hemingway do swear that I usually reside at Tullow Townland, Barony of Rathvilly.

Bounded by --

John Hopkins, Householder at Tullow, Barlony of Rathvilly, maintains himself as Shopkeeper.

Thomas Germain of Tullow, Householder, Barony of Rathvilly, maintains himself as Shopkeeper.

Thomas Hemingway intends bringing Michael Kavanagh , John Kehoe, Patrick Collins and Daniel Haydon to Court.

Sworn before E. Eustace. of Ellmgrove.

Transcribed by Michael Purcell & Friends of Carlow 2012.

Death of John Headon

3rd August 1821.

An Inquisition taken for our Sovereign Lord the King at Ballinrush in County Carlow., before James Ryan, Coroner on the body of John Headon then and there lying dead.

Upon the Oath of Neale Doyle, Thomas Bradley, Edward Nowlan, John Kavanagh, John Neile, Henry Curren, Pierce Fallon, Denis Kinsella, John Flinn, Thomas Flinn, Laurence Dunne, Michael Dunne and Patrick Fenlon good and lawful men of the County Carlow who being then and there duly Sworn and charged to inquire for our said Sovereign Lord the King when and how and by what means the said John Headon came to his death.

On the night of Sunday the 29th day of July last Patrick Murphy of Ballinrush, Tailor, with a Scissors or some other sharp instrument did give the said John Headon two Mortal wounds one on the lower part of the Belly and another on the back and of which said Mortal wounds John Headon did Languish from 29th July until the 1st day of August and on that day then and there died of said Mortal wounds.

(signed) In Witness, Coroner, James Ryan
Jury Foreman, Neal Doyle for Self and Fellows.

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

Transcribed by Jean Casey, 2010

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