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Pat Purcell Papers
County Carlow 1810

From the Pat Purcell Papers.

Undated note, circa 1810

To the Honourable Magistrate at next Carlow Assizes.

I accompanyed Sarah Butler to the house of Resident Magistrate Fishbourne, Esquire, and there she acknowledged before us that the entire of the Story she has told me under Oath sworn before me on the Holy Evangelists about the Saddle at Smyths' was false, and said that on her way from Athy to Carlow she saw the Saddle fall out of a car, that she took it off the Road and brought it to Carlow to sell it.

When I doubted the truth of this story and I Ordered a Constable to convey her to the Jail of Carlow she begged to know what information was required from her, and on being desired to tell who the saddle belonged to and who were her accomplices she declared that she would swear on the life of her two poor young children that she would rather be hanged than tell who were her accomplices and that the Saddle would never be claimed.

She has not offered Bail and says she cannot procure Bail.

Sarah Butler has been told that she has committed Perjury before God, the Holy Evangelists  and our most Sovereign Lord George by the Grace of God King that the fitting penalty for this is Transportation without the accompanyment of her two children, and further told if she will relent and name her accomplices and throw herself on the Mercy of our most Sovereign Lord George by the Grace of God King and so forth she will be offered the protection of the Magistrates of this County.

Sarah Butler is of age 20 years and goodly endowed limbed frame I recommend to your Honourable judgement that she be Transported without seeking consideration.

(signed) ..? Dillon. 


Transcribed by Grace Bunbury, Jean Casey, Mary Corcoran c.2012.
Source: PPP Files and Michael Purcell

Surnames: Honohan, James & Fishbourne 1810.

Note added 2012.

William and James Honohan are charged with assault on Jacob James.

No year is given but we can surmise that it is 1810.

The case was dismissed [ No Bill ] by the Jury [ self and fellows ] signed by the Jury foreman.

From Pat Purcell Papers.

The Jurors of our Lord the King upon their oath, present that, William Honohan and James Honohan of Seskin in the County of Carlow, Yeomen on the first Day of May in the 50th year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, and soforth, with Force and Arms, that is to say, with Swords, Sticks, and so-forth at upon the high road heading from Seskin to Leighlin in the County of Carlow, in and upon one Jacob James  a true a faithful subject of our said Lord the King, in the Peace of God, and of our said Lord the King, then and there being, did make an assault and him then and there did beat, and ill treat, and other wrongs to him then and there did Contrary to   the peace of our said Lord the King, his Crown and Dignity.

No Bill for self and fellows,
(signed) William Fishbourne.

Names: Robert, Henry Bunbury & Bennet 1810.

From Pat Purcell Papers.

Notfication of Keeping Arms.

As directed by the Act of the 47. Geo. 3. Entitled an Act. To prevent improper Persons from having Arms in Ireland.

I Robert Bunbury of Ardnyhue in the Parish of Killerig in the Barony of Carlow in the Townland of Ardnyhue Do hereby give Notice that I keep Arms, and that the place where the same are usually kept, is at my Dwelling-House at Ardnyhue in said County:-

and the Number and Description of said Arms are  ~ one pistol.

I Robert Bunbury do swear that the above Notification is True and that I believe I am by Law entitled to Keep Arms.

(signed) Robert Bunbury.
Sworn before me at a Sessions held in Carlow this 9th Day of January 1810
(signed) Hen. Bunbury, [ ? ] Bennet.

1810, Huzza, Huzza.


Pat Purcell Papers.


The Information of John Motley of Leighlinbridge in County Carlow, Dealer.

Taken before me [ ? ] Steurt, Esquire, one of his Majesties Justices of the Peace for Carlow.

John Motley who being duly Sworn and Examined Saith that on the 23rd day of April 1810 Between the hours of Eight and nine of the Clock in the afternoon a number of persons Assembled in the Street opposite his Door in the Town of Leighlin Bridge and by the sounding of a Horn and forming a Riotous and Dangerous Mob.

That after passing by John Motley's Door several times they began to Huzza, Huzza and called out for the Pointer at the same time carrying Effigy dressed as John Motley.

That after carrying same through the street up and down, Mathew Farrell and Judith Farrell his wife, John Dargan, Randel Neal, William Bermingham, Sarah Keating, Francis Dwyer, William Farrell and Ann Farrell his wife, James Doyle, Peter Toole,James Toole and Patrick Flood all of Leighlin Bridge and Richard Walsh of Tomard all in County of Carlow and other persons unknown to John Motley came to his house and set fire to the Effigy and Burned it at his door at the same time crying ~ Huzza, Huzza, Huzza the Pointer Motley is gone ~ That after some time the aforesaid Mathew Farrell and his party came to Motley's door took up a Stone and threw it at the window and broke the same and there and then set fire to several Faggots of Furze at or against the door with intent to set fire to Motley's House in order to Consume it ~ together with Motley's family and Property and John Motley further Saith that from such outrage he was obliged to quit his House both himself and wife being in dread and fear of being Murderd by the aforesaid party~~

(signed) John Motley.

Sworn before me this [ ? ] day of May 1810

(signed) [ ? ] Steurt.


[Note added 2012 by Michael Purcell - many documents in the Pat Purcell Papers dating from this period describe "Informations / Examinations " of people intimidated by groups blowing or sounding horns and shouting "Huzza, Huzza" outside their homes. The term "Pointer" was used to describe an Informer]

Transcribed by Friend of Carlow 2012. & Michael Purcell 2012

Extracts from index to PPP complied in the 1950s.

Indexed under : Jurors, Militia, Gentlemen Freeholders.
I have not seen the documents referred to.
Thomas Lomax, Blacksmith, Age 26, Address, Shean, Carlow. Circa. 1810.
Henry Lonex, Shean, Circa 1810.
John Lonnox, Shean, Circa 1810.
Thomas Lonnox, Roslee, Ullard, Carlow. Circa 1810.
Leonard Warren, Debtor, Carlow Gaol, 1810.
Philip Bowels, Slyguff, Idrone East, Freeholder, 1857.
Source: Michael Purcell 2012

Cowboys Young and McNally, Ralph, Dunn, Eustace & Kelly.

Pat Purcell Papers.


The Information of Elizabeth Dunn taken before Edward Eustace, Esquire, one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for Carlow.

WHO Being Duly Sworn on the Holy Evangelists and examined Deposeth and Saith that on the Afternoon of Wednesday the 17th Day of January 1810 she was on her Lawful Business Going Towards the Rev. Mr Kelly's House in the Town of Tullow when and where she was met by Matthew Young an apprentice to James Ralph, Shoemaker and James McNally, Junior, Each of Tullow they had a rope in their hands and drew the rope across Elizabeth Dunn's Legs and threw her on her Face on the Pavement of the street and Dragged her by which means she was Cut and Bruised in Different parts of her Body so that the Blood Flowed from her mouth and Ear in Abundance to the Great hurt and Damage of Elizabeth Dunns Health and All without any manner of provocation whatsoever. Sworn before me this 24th Day of January 1810.~~

(signed) Edward Eustace, Justice of the Peace,

(signed) Elizabeth, her, X mark, Dunn, having first being truly read to her by Edward Eustace.

Carlow 1810.

The undersigned respectively acknowledges themselves to be Indebted unto our Sovereign Lord King George the Third, in the Sums to their Names respectively annexed that is to say Margaret Hearns, John Hearns, Michael Hearns maketh Oath that they usually reside at Athy Street, Carlow. Ten Pounds each.

(signed) by all three.

John Doyle, maketh Oath that he usually resides at Dublin Street, Carlow. John Doyle, maketh Oath that he usually resides at Athy Street, Carlow. Five Pounds each. if the above Bounded shall appear in their proper Persons in open Court on the First day of the next General Quarter Sessions and answer all Matters and Things as shall be objected against them on behalf of our said Lord the King.

(signed) T. Gurley.

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

Transcribed by Jean Casey, 2010

Source: Michael Purcell 2012

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