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Pat Purcell Papers
Events in Carlow

Source:  Mr Michael Purcell

Pat Purcell Papers.

Estimate for Road Repairs, 1777.

County of Carlow ~~ George Cummins of Rathtoe and William Kinshela of Tinryeland Both Farmers in said County do Swear they have lately viewed and measured 78 Perches of the Road leading from Ballon to Tullow beginning at Thomas Nowlands Gate and Ending at the Gable end of Widow Mary Nowlands house.

It will require the sum of 11 pound, 19 shillings and 3 pence, halfpenny, Effectually to Repair the said 69 Perches, 21 feet with Gravel and small Stones.

Being at the Rate of three shillings by the Perch which they Verily believe is the best the said road can be Effectually Repaired for ~~~(signed George Cummins, William Kinshela.

Sworn before us this 26th Day of March 1777.
(signed) William Bunbury, Thomas Gurley.


Estimate Road Repairs 1777.

County of Carlow ~~ Simon Lawler of Kill and William Lawler of  ---ville (?) Both Farmers in said County Do Swear they have Lately viewed and measured 97 Perches on The Road Leading from Baltinglass to Tullow Beginning at Patt Bulgers Gate and Ending at Rathlan ford All in the Barony of Rathvilly., and that it will Require the sum of 16 pound, and 6 pence Effectually to Repair the said 97 Perches 21 feet and fourteen foot With Gravel or Small Stones.

Being at the Rate of 3 shillings and 6 pence by the Perch which they Verily believe is the Best the said 97 Perches can be Effectually Repaired for.

(signed) Simon Lawler, William Lawler.
Sworn before us this 26th Day of March, 1777.
William Bunbury, Thomas Gurley.


I hereby appoint Garret Kavanagh of Emlicon, County Carlow, Farmer, to repair the road leading from Carlow to Ballon by Killnock to NewtownBarry on Lands of Bendenstown, Given under my hand and Seal this 24th December 1819

(signed) Garret Kavanagh, William Browne, William Fishbourne.

Document provided by kind permission of Michael Purcell - Dec 2011

1777, Nowlan, Lyons, Foley, Perkins + more sheep.

 Transcribed by Lisa Shaw, July 2012.

Pat Purcell Papers.


The Examination of Edward Nowlan of Ballantrain of Carlow, Farmer and Thomas Lyons of Carlow, Shepherd, taken before me this 23 day of July 1774.

The said Edward Nowlan and Thomas Lyons being Severally duly Sworn on the holy Evangelist and examined.

 Edward Nowlan Deposeth that on Sunday the 3rd of July 1774,  he went to the house of Margaret Foley otherwise Brien of Killcomney, Carlow, Widow.

and Maurice Foley, Carlow, son of said Margaret Foley in search of some sheep stolen off the Lands at Ballantrain and saith he then and there found in a Little out Cabbin belonging to Margaret Foley and Maurice Foley's house, one sheep which he brought to Thomas Lyons and Thomas Lyons saith that the one sheep was one of the Ten sheep and one lamb that were feloniously  taken off the lands of Ballantrain on the first day of July 1774, the property of John Perkins, Esquire, High Sheriff of Carlow.

(signed) Edward Nolan and Thomas Lyons.

The above Edward Nowlan and Thomas Lyons Severally bound to our Sovereign Lord the King  Each in the sum of ?20 Sterling.

Conditionally to appear and prosecute pursuant to the above Examination at the next General Assizes and General Jail Delivery to be held in and for Carlow taken Sworn and Acknowledged the day and year above written before me.

(signed) John Perkins.

Next Year 1778

Transcribed by Friend of Carlow 2012.

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