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Burial in Carlow 1942

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

Burial in Carlow.

Nationalist and Leinster Times.

Jan. 1942.

On Thursday 8th January 1942, Dr Sterling Berry held a sworn Inquiry in the Town Hall, Carlow at the request of the Minister for Public Health re representations that the following graveyards are overcrowded;-

Graveyard attached to the former Carlow Union Workhouse; the Graveyard attached to St Mary's Protestant Church; the burial ground known as "Old Graves" and the burial ground situated at Castle Hill, Carlow.

A report from Dr. A. McMahon to the Carlow Board of Health and Carlow Urban Council recommended that burials be discontinued in the four burial grounds for the protection of public decency.

There were no objections received except in the case of the "Old Graves" and a number of people gave evidence expressing a wish that themselves or some members of their families be allowed to be buried there.

Rev. Archdeacon Ridgeway stated he heard no objection to the closing of St Mary's Protestant Church. No burials had taken place there during the past 10 years.

He was also interested in the graveyard at Castle Hill which is very small.

He thought the human remains there could be removed to the hollow in St Mary's. If Mr Governey had lived he would have seen that was done.

Dr Berry said he would see the place before he left Carlow.

Mr William Duggan, Solicitor for the Urban Council read a passage from the late Bishop Comerford's Book which stated; "The burial ground called "The Graves" lies near the Barrow on the north side of the town. It is said to have been granted by the Earl of Thomond when possessor of the Castle and other extensive property. Bishop Doyle refers to it as a piece of ground adjoining the town which in the time of persecution had been granted to the Catholics for the burial of their dead, their parish church and its cemetery having been appropriated to the use of the despoiters [ sic ] of the country".

Bishop O'Keeffe of Kildare and Leighlin is buried there.

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