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Carlow 1915

Fatal accident circa 1915

On Tuesday evening a fatal accident occurred in Carlow, whereby one unfortunate man lost his life and another sustained such serious injuries  that his life is despaired of. It appears that on the evening in question Thomas Finn, a yardman in the employment of Mr James Ryan, turf and coal  merchant; Michael Coady, a mason, and two other men were engaged in propping  up a turf shed preparatory to rebuilding the walls. A pair of screw jacks were being used to throw the weight of the roof on the props, when the whole building collapsed burying Coady and Finn in the ruins. Coady's son, who was engaged in the work, gave the alarm and a crowd of people rushed into the place. After a little time the poor fellows were extricated to all appearance lifeless.

After a little time however, they showed signs of life  but it was apparent that both were frightfully injured. Messengers were hastily dispatched for the doctor and priest and in a short time Dr. Joseph V. Ryan (who was close at hand) was in attendance. He did everything that medical skill could suggest for the relief of the unfortunate sufferers. The Last Sacraments of the Church were administered by the Rev. P. Foley.

Dr. Macdowell arrived soon after with surgical appliances. It was found that poor Finn was beyond relief, the base of his skull being badly fractured. He was placed on a litter for removal to the Workhouse Infirmary but he died just as the Market Cross was reached.Coady was found to be terribly injured.

His right leg was badly fractured and his left arm broken. In addition it  was feared he had sustained internal injuries. After being attended to by the doctors he was carried to the Workhouse Infirmary. Both men were aged between 50 and 60 years of age and both had large families dependent on them. They were noted as respectable, industrious, well conducted men and were greatly esteemed.

[Dr. Joseph V. Ryan who is named in this report was paternal grandfather to Betty O' Gorman who was mentioned in recent email in connection with Rev. Mr. McKenzie of the Plymouth Brethren.]

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