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Pat Purcell Papers
Carlow 1818

By kind permission of Susie Warren c2008

Nothing new under the sun.

From the Pat Purcell Papers.


By Gilbert Fitz = Gerald, Esquire, one of his Majesties Justices of the peace for Carlow.

Whereas complaint hath been made unto me on the Oath of Michael Boyle of Scradriff, Carlow, Mason, that he was Imployed by Darby Nowlan of Corries to work Mason work for which service in Mason work there remains due unto Michael Boyle by Darby Nowlan the Sum of Six Shillings and six pence.

And Where as Darby Nowlan by virtue of my power being duly summoned to appear before me to shew cause why said wages should not be paid there and then Darby Nowlan did appear.

And Where as the Settlement of the work wages was by consent of each party left to the Arbitration of John Baker of Ballinree and Michael Nowlan of Ballyloughen (no relation to Darby Nowlan).

Therefore John Barker and Michael Nowlan could not agree and according to the adward sent in Writing unto me John Baker called a third Man of the Name of William Hench which gave a verdict in writing that the sum of six shillings and six pence Sterling is Justly due unto Michael Boyle by Darby Nowlan.

Therefore I do order Darby Nowlan to pay unto William Boyle the above amount due for wages together with ten pence Cost for this Order.

Given under my hand at Montgerald this 14th day of March 1818.
(signed) Fitz = Gerald.

Source: Michael Purcell April 2007

The King's Royal ass. 

Pat Purcell Papers.


Without Recognizance

The information of Edward Farrell, Junior, of the Town of Carlow who being duly Sworn and Examined Saith that on Thursday the 26th Feb. 1818 being at Tullow Street in the town of Carlow he met Timothy Timmon of Rutland in this County coming into the market of Carlow with a load of Corn.

Edward Farrell as Collector of the Customs for his father demanded the Custom Thereon, when Timothy Timmons struck him and tore his Clothes saying ~~  loudly and aggressively ~~ bad cess to you and your fathers people you can shove your (here uttering a tremendous oath ) customs up the King's royal arse and Damn him ( meaning his Majesty the now King ) and his lackey Magistrates throughout the ( here uttering a tremendous oath ) Kingdom and the curse of the widow Doran be upon all their ( here uttering a tremendous oath ) heads all of the foregoing was said in a loud manner in the presence of Ladys and the young going about their Lawful business in a Peaceful manner on the aforesaid Tullow Street . And Edward Farrell, Junior, further Saith not.

(signed) Edward Farrell.
Sworn before us this 26th day of February 1818.
(signed) Robert Jackson, William Fishbourne, E. Eustace, Jas Hozier. Edward Box.

Timothy Timmon to be held in hard custody without recognizance to await the next sitting of the General Quarter Sessions to answer all such matters on behalf of our Most Sovereign Lord George the Third by the Grace of God our King and Defender of the Faith and so forth.

Names: James & Lyons 1818

Pat Purcell Papers.


By Philip Newton, Esquire, one of his Majestys Justices of the Peace for Carlow.

The Information of Edward James of Dunleckney, Carlow, one of the Constables saith that on the 30th of December 1817 he had taken into custody the Body of Patrick Lyons of Bohermore on the High Road in the land of Rathedan, Carlow for which he was duly authorized and Empowered by Virtue of a Warrant obtained at Carlow issued under the hand and Seal of John Faulkner Cornwall, Esquire, High Sherriff of Carlow on the 16th day of April 1817 when Patrick Lyons threw Edward James on the ground and whilst he was on the ground Patrick Lyons took his stick and struck him repeatedly therewith and when Edward James pulled a pistol out of his pocket, Patrick Lyons immediately twisted forcibly [blank] out of his hand and struck Edward James a violent blow therewith, which cut Battered and Bruised Constable Edward James and carried away the Pistol and sticks and Severely threatened the life of Edward James.

(signed) Edward James.
Sworn and Examined before me this 5th day of January 1818.
 (signed) Philip Newton.

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

Pat Purcell Papers.


By William Fishbourne Esquire, one of His Majestys Justices for the Peace in Carlow.

The Examinations of Edward Farrell of the Town of Carlow who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists and Examined Saith ~~~

As Edward Farrell was receiving the Customs in the said Town of Carlow on Friday the 6th day of March 1818 he was knocked down and otherwise assaulted by Thomas Johnson of Rathdanial in said County and further saith the said Johnson was aided, instigated and otherwise assisted in the assault by Robert Jackson, Esquire, of Graigue - who provoked and advised a Crowd of People so to Riot who there assembled ~

(signed) Edward Farrell.
Sworn before me this 6th day of March 1818.
(signed) William Fishbourne.
Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

Surnames: Shepard, Moore & Carter.

Pat Purcell Papers.

1818. [abbreviated].

The Information of William Shepard now of Copnagh, County Carlow, Gentleman, taken before me William Carter, Esquire, one of his Majestys Justices of the Peace for Carlow, who being duly sworn and examined saith that on the 21st day of April last he  received information that Robert Shepard late of Tobinstown, County Carlow, Gentleman, with whom the aforesiad William Shepard was joint Lessee in different Leases, had gone away from his place of residence in order to go to America,  William went to the Land and Dwelling House of Robert Shepard and then and there seized and distrained the whole of the movable property found on the Lands of Tobinstown and Knocknegan consisting of a quantity of Potatoes, Pigs, Timber and other articles and immediately placed a Keeper to protect the property.

But later that day William Shepard received information that the property would be taken from him and that his life was in danger. he went to the Barony Constables to assist him and while he was away upwards of 20 barrels of Potatoes was conveyed away from Tobinstown land by John Moore of Paulville, Carlow, Gentleman, William Shepard received further information that John Moore would remove the remainder of the Potatoes that same night, he went to Tullow and returned to Tobinstown and Knocknegan accompanied by two Bailiffs and then and there about 12 oc at night the said John Moore, well armed in a most menacing and threatening manner declared he would take the remainder of the Potatoes and that he would run William Shepard and his Bailiffs off the Premises in ten minutes, but having met with more determined resistance than he expected he went off.

The following day a Ladder pole and a door and a door case which had been torn out of the Dwelling House of Robert Shepard and a Gate taken off the Hinges all the property of Robert Shepard were found in the possession of the said John Moore.

(signed) William Shepard.

Sworn before me this 8th day of May 1818.

(signed) William Carter.

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

Barony Constables.

8th day of May 1818.

William Shepard Copnagh, Carlow swears before William Carter that Robert Shepard, late of Tobinstown, Carlow , has left for America and left William with the Lands and Dwelling House at Tobinstown and Knocknigan and movable property consisting of a quantity of Potatoes, Pigs, Timber and other articles.

William requests of Magistrate William Carter that he provide protection by the Barony Constables to assist him as he believes that "his life is in danger as John Moore of Paulville, Gentleman, well armed and in a most menacing and threatening manner, has removed upwards of twenty barrels of Potatoes, a door and door case torn out of the Dwelling House and a Gate taken off the Hinges" and is claiming the remainder.


The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

Transcribed by Jean Casey, 2010

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