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Pat Purcell Papers
Carlow 1799

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

Names: Clowry & Doyle 1799.

From Pat Purcell Papers.


The examination of Sarah Doyle of Ballyb ? [Ballybreen -?]  saith that on 16th December 1799 she was at the house of James Clowry of Ballyb ? on her lawful business when she heard a Great Noise out side the House, being curious to know what occasioned the noise she went out of the House she saw Simon Mitchell running out of Thomas Clowry's House and Thomas Clowry's wife Catherine Clowry chasing Mitchell with a stick in her hand as soon as she overtook Mitchell she struck him several blows of the stick on the head and shoulders.

Thomas Clowry ran up to assist his wife Catherine Clowry to beat and Abuse Mitchell and dragged him about the Barn then Mitchell cryed out your Strikeing me and Chokeing me.~  with that Sarah Doyle Roared out "Murder - won't somebody save the boy" with that Thomas Clowry turned about and ran at her and struck her in the nose and nocked a part of the skin off and Caused her Blood to gush forward and Sarah Doyle further Saith that if it had not been for the interference of James Clowry that prevented the said Thomas Clowry  from Strikeing her Several times after - Sarah Doyle Verily Believes that Thomas Clowry would have used most inhumanly.

(signed) Sarah, her X mark, Doyle.
Sworn before me this 19th Day of December 1799.
(signed) John Butler.

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

From Pat Purcell Papers.

Vigors Richards 1799

Enquiry dated October 1951 addressed to Pat Purcell, c/o Town Hall, Carlow. Paris, France.

Dear Mr Purcell, I am looking for information on the family of Miss Vigors Richards who was born in Old Leighlin, County Carlow on 22nd December 1799. She married on 15 December 1829 to Monsieur d'Herisson Casimir  who served as chief bodyguard to King Charles X of France. I would like to obtain a copy of her birth certificate and further details on her family. Enclosed find 10 shilling note sterling to cover costs and postage.

Marie Armaud [?].

Source: Michael Purcell c.2013


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