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Pat Purcell Papers
Bunbury & LaTouche March 1795

Bunbury & LaTouche March 1795


[Accurate transcription of parchment from the Pat Purcell Papers.]

WE Benjamin Bunbury, Esquire and David Latouche, Junior, Esquires. JUSTICES of our Lord the King Assigned to keep the Peace in and throughout Carlow; and also to hear and determine diverse Riots, Routs, Assaults, Tresspasses and other Offences committed in the said County;


To the Sheriff of the county of CARLOW, GREETING, WE on behalf of our said Lord the King command you, that you omit not for by reason of any Liberty in your Bailiwick, but that you cause to come before us, or other Fellow Justices, of our said Lord the King, assigned to keep the Peace in Carlow;

AND also to hear and determine diverse Riots, Routs, Assaults, Tresspasses, and other offences committed in Carlow; at CARLOW in and for said county, on Thursday the first day of April next ~ ~

AS well Twenty-four good and lawful Men of the Body of your County, as other Twenty-four good and lawful Men of every Barony in your County, as well within Liberties as without ; each of whom to have Freeholds in Carlow of the clear Yearly value of Forty Shillings at the least,  to Enquire, Present, do and Perform all and singular such Matters and Things, which on the part and behalf of our said Lord the King, and the Body of the said County shall be then and there enjoined them:

 PUBLICLY also cause to be PROCLAIMED, throughout your County, in Fairs, Markets and all other public places, that the General Quarter-Sessions of the Peace will be held, at the time and place aforesaid.

GIVE NOTICE ALSO to all Justices of the Peace, Sovereigns, Portrives, Coroners, Seneschalls of Leets and Liberty's, High, Petty, Constables and Sub-Constables, and Bailiffs of every Hundred and Liberty, and other Officers within your County. that they be then and there present, with their Rolls, Records, Dominicles, and all other Remembrances, to do those things, which to their respective offices, in that behalf appertain to be done;

AND be you also then and there present, in your proper person, with your under Sheriff, together with your Bailiffs and other of your Ministers, to do those things, which to your and their Offices, in that behalf appertain to be done;

AND have you then and there the names of the said Justices of the Peace, Coroners, Seneschalls, Sovereign's Portrives, Constables, Sub-Constables, Bailiffs, and other Officers, and of the Jurors to whom you shall give notice, and of those by whom you shall cause them to be summoned ; and also this precept.

DATED and SEALED, this 2nd day of March in the thirty fifth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third by the Grace of God King, Defender of the Faith and soforth.

Examined by Samuel Carmichael, Clerk of the Peace.

(signed) Hardy Eustace, Esquire.


[An accurate transcription of parchment from the Pat Purcell Papers.]

Source: Michael Purcell April 2012

Pat Purcell Papers

Rudolph Erich Raspe 1795

Undated letter from Jeffery Wandesforde of Sussex Court, London addressed to Pat Purcell [circa 1930s, the following is abbreviated from a six page letter].

 Your name was given to me by the County Hall in Carlow as a person that might possibly help me trace information on Rudolph Erich Raspe who lived in Carlow during the 1790s.  
He went to Ireland following the gold find in county Wicklow where he lived at Avoca near Wicklow town. He was living in Carlow in 1793 where he is recorded from family letters as living in Painstown. He was associated with the Wandesforde mining enterprises in the area. He is next recorded as visiting the Mint Office in Cork City to assess finds from the area, he contracted cholera and died at Muckross in 1795. He was well known as the author of The Fabulous Adventures of the Baron Munchausen. Any assistance you can give will be much appreciated.

Source: Michael Purcell April 2013

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