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Michael Governey

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Michael Governey

"The Freeman's Journal" January 1924.

The late Mr. Michael Governey.

Mr. Governey's Death.

Outstanding Figure in Irish Public Life

A prominent figure in the political and commercial life of the country has passed away in the person of Mr. Michael Governey, Carlow. A native of Ballylinan, Co. Laois. Mr. Governey was an ardent supporter of Parnell and later of Mr. John Redmond, particularly during the Convention of 1917 of which he was a member. Some years ago he was favoured as Parliamentary representative of the County of Carlow, but he withdrew in favour of Mr. Walter McMurrough Kavanagh.

He was for many years Chairman on the Carlow County and Urban Councils and was held in respect by all sections of the community. With Monsignor Ryan of Tipperary he was appointed co-trustee of the National Volunteers at the time of their formation in 1915. In former years he was a staunch friend of the farmers in their fight against landlordism.

Mr. Governey ranked among Ireland's leading manufacturers and owned one of the finest boot factories in the country. He held a seat on the directorate of the D.W.D. Co. He left behind a very young family of 5 boys and 3 girls. About 18 years ago Mr. Governey was married for the second time to Miss Brodie, daughter of the late Colonel Brodie and sister of Rev. Wilfrid Brodie, C.P., St Paul's Retreat, Ilkley, Yorkshire.

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