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Killeshin Parish Records
1819 - 1881

 Killeshin BAPTISM Records

 Killeshin Marriage Records

(Please note that these records may not contain the complete records of the parish listed)

Comments from Sue Clements:

I started by printing each image from the microfilm. I then Digitally scanned each printed page into a .jpeg format. Each image then had to be Enhanced for the best readability (actually most pages had to be printed twice top and bottom because the full page did not fit into the printing area, and then I had to scan both pages and piece the two halves back together.)

So I have to admit it was painstaking and tedious and time-consuming, but the end product was well worth it I feel, if it allows folks access who would otherwise never be able to see these records.

Sue Clements c.2007

Edited by M Brennan c.2007

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