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Case of John McGrath of
Tullowland 1819

Source:  Mr Michael Purcell

February 1819.

The Joint and Several Information of John McGrath of Tullowland, Carlow, Weaver and Farmer and of Joanna McGrath, his Daughter, both in the Parish of Tullow, Barony of Rathvilly.

Sworn before Edward Eustace and William Carter, Esquires, two of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for Carlow.

John McGrath saith that on the evening of the third of February 1819 about the hour of seven o'Clock his house was entered, the door being open, by a number of Armed men, ten as Joanna thinks  and five as John thinks, all armed with Pistols and Swords with their faces blackened and pipe stoppers in their mouths to disguise their speech, the persons seemed to know John and Joanna well, Calling them by their names and when John and Joanna observed some of the raiding party they were struck with the end of the Pistols and their faces covered  with cloths to prevent them seeing more.

John saith he was robbed of a five pound Bank of Ireland Note, twenty four Pounds in small notes including some Silver and upwards of thirty pounds in Silver which his wife had. The party also Robbed Joanna of the following articles of Wearing apparel namely two red stripe Calies gowns, another of a red pattern, a black beaver hat, a new Scarlet rug mantle and hook a gift from her brother Michael, a new dark frize great Coat, a pair of grey woollen stockings and a Cravat-.

John and Joanna saith they do not know nor have they any suspicion of who any of the persons are who Committed said Robbery.

(signed)  "his mark, X " John McGrath -
 "her mark, X " Joanna Mcgrath, being first truly read to both of them.
Sworn before us this 5th day of February 1819. (signed) Edward Eustace, William Carter.

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The Information of Catherine Cahill now of Tullowland, Carlow, Spinster.

Saith that on the evening of the third February she happened to be in John Mcgrath's house when the party entered and saith she verily believes and is pretty Sure and Certain that Silvester Eustace of Castlemore and Joseph Eustace of Castlemore were two of the men who entered the house having known them before and was well acquainted with them, that Silvester Eustace was the second man who came in and that he and the said Joseph were only partly blackened and she had full opportunity of seeing them.

(signed) "her mark X " Catherine Cahill. being first truly read to her.
Sworn before us this 5th day of February 1819.
(signed) Edward Eustace, William Carter.

Transcribed by M. Purcell c2011.
Document provided by kind permission of Michael Purcell - Sept 2011

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