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Here lyeth the Body of William Mc Mullen who departed this life on the 7th July 1782 Aged 76 years also the Body of his wife Jane Mc Mullen who departed this life on 26th Dec. 1780 aged 96 years and Also 4 of their children.

Here Lyeth the Body of Adam Collin’ who departed this Life 26th November 1771 aged 55 years.

Here lies (sic) the body of Tho’ Sitt  late of Rathcarhy who departed this life March y 27th 1774 aged 76 years Also his son Jame’ Stitt who departed this life April y 22nd  1786 aged 32  years.  

“Flat freestone broken slab nearly all buried” :-

This stone was erected by James Harpur of Lisadian in memory of his Father Robert Ha’pur of Rathcarbury who Departed this Life May 28th 1772 aged 86 years.  Jane Harpur  wife to said Robert Who Dept’ this Life Dec 25th 1775 Aged 76 years.  James Harpur Attorney at Law son to said James who dept. this life June 22nd 1791 aged 21 years.  Here lies the Body of James Harper (sic) of Lisadain who Departed this life 12 Sept 1807 Aged 84.  And Margaret (sic) his wife who depad (sic) this life 25th April 1806 Aged 78.

“Upright granite headstone” :-

This is the burying ------- of Robert Stuart who  -------  1740 aged ----8 years.

Erected by Wm Henderson, of Newry, in memory of my beloved father who0 (sic) departed this life … the 3rd 1888 also my beloved mother Elizabeth Hendukrs  who departed this life Dec. the 12th 1822 aged 44.

JPMD, Vol,          1916, ARMARGH, Page 222.

Here lies the remains of JOHN HENNING of CLOUGH INRAMOUR who departed this life 16th Sept’ 1842, Aged 62 years.  

Erected by John Alexander Mc Callister of Mullaglass to the memory of his daughter Jane Who departed this life Nov. 19th 1838 Aged 4(3?) years.

                                                (To be continued.)

JPMD, Vol, 1916 , ARMMARGH, Page 223.        

  ‘On a small headstone near the above is this inscription’: -- In memory of ALEXANDER son of GEORGE and MARTHA REANEY who died 21st January aged 20 years.”  


‘Inside a substantially enclosed plot, upon a marble headstone, there is inscribed the following epitaph’: --

            “In loving memory of WILLIAM RICHARDSON BOYLE who departed this life 7th Nov. 1895 aged 87 years.”

“Convenient to the entrance-gate, on a neat headstone, there is the following’:--

“In memory of JAMES ALLEN Outlack died September 
18th 1871 aged 72 years. Also his beloved wife JANE
died May 15th 1877 aged 78 years. MARGARET JANE 
ALLEN died June 28 1892 aged 53 years. His grand-
son WM OSBOURNE COLWELL died February 10th 1869
aged 7 months.”

JPMD, Vol,                   , ARMARGH, Page 142.



By Jane O’Hanlon of Newry
In Memory of her beloved husband
John O’Hanlon who departed this life
November 26 1854. aged 56 years

Tanderagee Churchyard.

[From J. G. Cupples, Boston, U.S.A]

Here lyeth the body of Eleanor
Cupples, wife to William Cupples
of Mullahead, who died February
22, 1765, aged 45 years.
also Eleanor Cupples buried
March 8, 1807 aged 16 years

     'William was Son of Thomas Cupples (b. 1650, d. 1715 of Scarvagh, Co. Down, and father of Rev. Snowden Cupples, D. D. (b. 1750, d. 1835), Rector of the Cathedral of Down and Connor, Lisburn, Co. Antrim, and Thomas Cupples, M.D., of Newry, Co. Down (d. 1801).

JPMD, Vol, Page 236


Bailieborough Presbyterian Churchyard.

[From Mr. Thomas Hall.]

This Stone is Erected in Memory
of Mary Wife of Henry Adams of
Bailieborough who died on the
Second of June 1847 aged 46
Underneath is also deposited the
Mortal Remains of Henry Adams of
Bailieborough Who died on the 23rd
July 1858 Aged 61 Years


In memory of
of Pottle
who died May 1885
aged 85 years
He was for forty years a Ruling Elder
in the Congregation of Corglass

JPMD, Vol viii., CAVAN, Page 238. 


Also of
his wife
Who died November 1840
aged 87 years
in fulfillment of the wishes
of their son


This Monument was here placed
in memory of James Rusk of gralogh
Who departed this life the 24th day
of 8br A.D. 1791 Aged 72 Years
Also his Wife Mary Rusk Who
Departed this life the        day of
A.D.        Aged      years

     'NOTE.- The wife's age, &c., was never inserted.'


Sacred to the Memory
Eliezer Gilmer of Lear Who Departed
this life on the 5th day of January 1849
Aged 81 Years
also to
George Gilmer Son to the above who
Departed this life on the 11th of May
1857 Aged 63 Years.

JPMD, Vol, CAVAN, Page 239.  


Clondagad Church.

[From Mr. T. J. Westropp.]

     'The parish is first mentioned as Clondagah and Eribanub in the Papal Taxation of 1302. The last name is probably "Scribanus;" to be connected with the well named Toberscranbaun in the parish.  The name Clondagad belongs to the form, so common in this country (like Glendalough, Clondanagh, &c.), marking the strange regard of the Irish for the number two. Legend says in this case that Clondagad, the plain of the two gads (or withos), derived its name from two druids, Screabaun and Fiddaun, having contested ...............

JPMD, Vol viii, CLARE, Page 239. 


Kilmaleery Church,

Newmarket - on – Fergus

[From Mr. T. J. Westropp.]

     ‘It is the Kilmalitrie of the Papal Taxation, 1802, and was evidently remodeled in the eighteenth century; no old feature remains. The monument of the MacMahons, 1788, has already been published in "The Journal for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead." vol.iii (1897), p.899 ; but we give a new copy. The church retains its south wall, 2 feet 7 inches thick, and is 14 feet 9 inches wide, and 47 feet 6 inches long inside the lower part and fragments of the other walls remaining. A late tiled vestry projects as the east end to the south’:--

     'In the vestry’ :

     Here lies the body of Bridget  MacMahon wife to
     Donagh  MacMahon Esqr & Daughter to the  Right 
     Honble Lord Vict Kingsland | Departed this life the
     16th July 1733 Here lyes alsoe the Body of | Ann
     MacMahon wife of  Henry McMahon Daughter of
     MacO’Brien Arra Departed this life yr 5th March
     1735 This monument was  erected by Mr Henry
     MacMahon in yr  year of our Lord  God 1736.

JPMD, Vol, Issue 1910 - 1912, CARLOW, Page 13.


Scattery Island, Parish of KiIrush

(from Lord Walter Fitzgerald.)

     'Scattery Island (anciently called Inish Cathy) lies in the mouth of the Shannon, about a mile from the shore, south of Kilrush. It contains 179 acres; on it there are a few  thatched houses on the east side, occupied since 1843 by pilots, and a light-house at its western extremity. There are said to have been seven churches on the island, the ruins or sites of six of which are shown on the six-inch Ordnance Survey Map. Besides the churches there is the butt of a doubly vaulted castle near the pier, a Round Tower, nearly perfect, with its doorway on the ground- level, St. Senan or Synan's Blessed Well, and one Irish-inscribed slab.

     'The "Martyrology of Donegal " gives two festival days for this St. Synan ,viz., the 1st and the 3rd of March, the latter being the date of his death.

     'The church near the pilots' houses, known as Tampulnamarve or Kilmamarve (i.e. the Church of the Dead), is the only one in and around which interments take place ; large flat tomb-stones, overlapping one another, simply pave the interior of this church ruin. As far as I could see, during a hurried visit, there are no monuments of any interest or age among them. The "Annals of the Four Masters" state that in ‘ :

     1583.  Honora , the daughter of Donnell, son of Conor, son of   Turlough O’Brien, and wife of O’Conor Kerry (Conor) died, and was interred in Inis – Cathy.

     'And her sister in' :

     1591.  Margaret, the daughter of Donnell, son of Conor, son of Turlough, son of Teieg, son of Turlough, son of Brian Chatha-an-aenaigh (i.e.of the Battle of the Fair) O’Brien, and the wife of Turlough, the son of Brian, son of Donough MacMahon, died at Kilmacduane, and was interred at Inis-Catha (Scattery Island).

     'There is a large slab broken in two, lying flat on the ground near the Pier, which at one time was removed by one of the Stoddart family to a house oh his called "Nabochlish" in Kilkee occupied by a Captain Kennedy, and which was back to Scattery Island a few years since.  It belongs to the nineteenth century, and as far as I could ascertain originally stood near the church ruin called Kilnamarve.  It bears an undated inscription giving instructions as to how "Rounds" performed on the Island should be carried out;  the inscription reads thus’:-

In the name of God amen.
Bare head, bare feet.
All Pious christians are to kneel
At every ftation say or read [5]
Paters, Aves, and a Creed ;
(5) times round each blessed place,
Singing Hymns &partner (sic) beads.
Round this Altar is the first 
&2nd stations on The Strand anex (sic
Ro[und the Island at] water [edge the 3rd].
4th the Nun's tomb on the strand du Wst (sic),

JPMD, Vol, Issue 1910 - 1912, CLARE, Page 496

Clare Parish. Clare Abbey.

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald, 1900.]

             ‘Clare Abbey lies a mile south of Ennis; the ruins are Extensive, and are in charge of the Board of Works.  Strange to Say, there are no remains of any altar-tombs, or monuments of any Interest, which one would have expected to find in the church of This Abbey, which was founded in 1195, by Donnell O’Brien, King Of Thomond (Monasticon). All the inscriptions given below are incised, and copied from headstones or slabs lying inside the Abbey church.’


DYED I 1698.”



 “Here : lies : ye : Body : of : DENNIS I NASH ship carpenter : who : dep  I arted : this : life : ye : 2nd : Day : of : 9ber : Anno : Domini : 1737 : Aged : 41 (?) years.”  

JPMD, Issue V, 1901, 02, 03. CLARE, Page 15.


     ‘On second stone’ :--


     Erected by Peter Barclay in memory of his uncle, Captain McIntyre, who died at sea the 27th of June 1845, aged 49 years. In life respected, in death  lamented.


     Here lyeth the body of I Jane Caldwell, of Belfast, who departed this life April the 29th 1783, aged 57 years. Also the said (?) John Cardwell, I who departed April 30th 1786 aged 53 years.


      Erected in the memory  of Alexander Craig  who for 79 years weathered the battle & the breeze & now lies here one fathom deep. He died on 5th March 1861 & had been for many years, an indefatigable Deputy Harbour Master at this Port, under the Belfast Harbour Commissioners. Here also lie the body of  Daniel O’Mallen,  who departed this life, 1730.


     Here lyeth the bodies of  Homer Jackson and Janet Cunningham,  his wife, who departed this life, Anno Domini the 8 of April 1689. Also  James Jackson  and his wife and likewise his daughter Mary McAllain (or McAldain) who departed this life Jany 23rd, 1764, aged 64 years.


     Here lieth the body of Mar , late ye wife of Thomas Fife, carpenter in Belfast who died Feby 19th 1772, aged 77 years.


     This stone belongs to William Carson: here lyeth 4 of his children. William departed this life March ye 11th 1735 aged 13 years.

     'Arms carved on this stone : A saltire charged with five crescents : a boar's head in base.   Crest : A bird's head, in the beak an annulet.

JPMD, Issue 1910 - 1912, ANTRIM, Page 494


Margaret daughter of Hugh Boyd of Ballycastle Their eldest son Alexander was High Sheriff of Co. Antrim for 1766 He married Julia Henrietta Daughter of Sir Archd Acheson Bart (Afterwards Vist. Gosford) He died 18th June 1817 She died 28th May 1829 Both in their 83rd years And here buried Alexander Macaulay son of the late Alexander Macaulay and Maria Martin who died 19th November 1880 aged 32 years."

JPMD, Vol IV. Issue 1898 - 1900, ANTRIM, Page 174


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