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Pat Purcell Papers

Carlow 1841

Source: Michael Purcell c.2010

Carlow Inquests 1841 copied in PPP.

William Smyth, Carlow, (townland Carlow) Drowned, July, 1841. ("Accidently" crossed out).
John Hayden, Carlow, Carlow, Drowned, July 1841.
Patrick Maher, Old Leighlin, (townland) John Duffswood. Visitation of God, August, 1841.
Myles Fitzsimons, Married, Carlow. Carlow, Appoplexy, September 1841.
Jim (Tim?) Bowe, married, Old Leighlin, Seskin, October, 1841.
Mathew Walsh, married, Carlow, Carlow, Suffocation, Carlow, Carlow, October, 1841.
Jane Walsh, married, Carlow, Carlow, Suffocation, Carlow, Carlow, Oct. 1841.
Mary Legate, not married, Scalded, Carlow, Carlow, Oct. 1841.
James Hennesy, not married, Drowned, Dunleckny, Bagenalstown, Dec. 1841.
Unknown, Visitation of God, Clonegoose, Clonegoose, Dec. 1841.
Kerns Kavanagh, not married, Drowned, Dunleckny, Bagenalstown, December, 1841.
Thomas Kinsella, not married, Clonmo - ? , Eaglehill, Dec. 1841.
Infant, death caused by its mother, Pheby Dixy, shortly after birth, Banagh, Broomville, April, 1841?
Document provided by kind permission of Michael Purcell - Sept 2008.

William James.

Pat Purcell Papers. circa 1841 - 46.

To the Clerk of the Peace for County of Carlow.

SIR - TAKE NOTICE, that it is my intention to apply to be Registered as a Person entitled to Vote at Election of a Member or Members to serve in Parliament for the COUNTY OF CARLOW, and the particulars of my Claim are as follows:

William James of Slyguff in the County of Carlow, Farmer, [In what right Claiming] Freeholder, House and Lands situate at Slyguff in the Barony of Idrone East and County of Carlow

[Yearly Value to be Registered] 10. (unsigned & undated).

Document provided by kind permission of Michael Purcell - Sept 2008.

Names: Nolan, How, Neill & Faulkener.


Pat Purcell Papers.



The Information of Jacob Nolan of Wells, Parish of Wells Barony of Idrone West, Carlow who came before me this day and being sworn on the Holy Evangelists and examined deposeth and saith That a Servant maid named Margaret How lived in his house and in his employment in the Year 1840 as he believes between August and Christmas in said Year that she served in his employment for about Three months.

That during the said Period of Three months a Servant man, now present, named Hugh Neill also lived in his employment and in his house that during that Period no other Servants man or labouring man lived in his house as Servant or labourer or other employment only the named Hugh Neill now Present that Hugh Neill is from the neighbourhood of Ballon in this County.

That He has since that time heard that the said Margaret How was delivered of a child and that He heard it rumoured that Hugh Neill now Present was the father of said child by Margaret How, (signed) Jacob Nolan.

Sworn before me at Ravindon this 24th day of November 1841.

(signed) Hugh Faulkener. Justice of the Peace.

Transcribed by M. Purcell c2008.

Surnames: Kavanagh, Gray, Nowlan & Tuckey.

Pat Purcell Papers.


The Information of John Kavanagh of Ballynocken, Carlow, Labourer, who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists deposeth and Saith ~

That he is in the Employment of John Gray, Esquire, of Upton House, that he was sent to the premises of Charles Nowlan at Upton on Monday the 25th of October from which premises he has heard that Charles Nowlan has been ejected, that he then and there saw Patrick Nowlan throwing down the Wall of the Cow house, part of said premises, from which Charles Nowlan has been ejected, Patrick Nowlan had a fork in his Hand with which he was throwing down the said Wall, from which the Timber and Thatch had been previously carried away. Patrick Nowlan told John Kavanagh that if it was his intent to report him he would drive the Fork through the bag of his Guts and spread them on the ground for the rats to feed on.

(signed) John - his X mark - Kavanagh.

Sworn before me at Upton, October 27th 1841 - having been truly read to Deponent by Charles H. Tuckey, Resident Magistrate.

John Kavanagh acknowledges himself bound to our Most Gracious Lady the Queen in the Sum of Ten Pounds.

Transcribed by Selina Lawlor.

Documents provided by kind permission of Michael Purcell - Sept 2008.
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