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George Knaggs

Source:  Mr Michael Purcell

Letter from Amy Knaggs

in the PPP dated September 1933.

 New South Wales, Australia.

Dear Mr Purcell, thank you for information on George Knaggs. I would like further to find his relationship to Elizabeth Knaggs of Queen's County who died in 1740. According to your records Robert Knaggs address was Burren Street, Carlow town is that where he would have had his Apothecary business? Robert served on the Grand Jury for Carlow in 1779, was this service related to administration?

Family records state he collected Cess Taxes. Elizabeth Knaggs was born in Carlow in 1801 and Robert Corbet Knaggs was baptised in 1809. I believe the death record in 1820 that you found for Robert Knaggs is not the same Robert Corbet Knaggs. The family names through marriage the Knaggs became kin with were Eliza Boles, mother of Robert Knaggs 1799. John Brewster, alive in 1730. Elizabeth Bridges, all married in Established Church, (from Family Bible), there is also reference to a Abel Roberts who was a Quaker around this time, some of the others may have joined him. Besides Carlow the family lived at Stradbally and Marybourgh in Queen's County.

Again much thanks for all your help and suggestions, reply to London address, please use enclosed 1 Sterling to cover post charges,

Amy (Knaggs).

Transcribed by M. Purcell c2011

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