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Outrage in Castlecomer, 1839
Gentleman Shot by Gamekeeper

Hobart Town Courier,

Friday, 22 February 1839, page 4

English extracts:

A Young Gentleman Shot by a Gamekeeper

We are informed that a fine young gentleman, Mr. O'Reilly, son to Dr. O'Reilly, formerly of Carlow, was shot on Wednesday, near Castlecomer, by the gamekeeper of the Hon. C.B. Wandesforde. According to the report, Mr. O'Reilly, who carried a fowling piece, had fired at a crow on a tree, when the gamekeeper came up to demand the gun, which Mr. O'Reilly refused to give him, whereupon the gamekeeper instantly shot him dead. The gamekeeper has been apprehended, and committed to Kilkenny jail. (LEINSTER INDEPENDENT)


Hamiltom, Goold, Cooper, O' Hare & Tuckey.

 From Pat Purcell Papers.


The Information of Constable George Hamilton, Stationed in Stradbally who being duly sworn and examined on Oath Deposith and Saith that one Catherine Goold (now a prisoner in the Bridewell at Stradbally charged on suspicion of having deserted her infant Child ) stated to Constable Hamilton that she left her Child about three months age at the Gate House of the Reverend H. O' Hare of New Gardens within two miles of Carlow, and that a Miss Cooper who resides with the Reverend H. O' Hare at New Gardens took her Child and had it put to nurse at the Gate Keepers House.

The said Catherine Goold further stated that she afterwards took away her Child from the Nurse and kept it about a week and that in Consequence of her being unable to support her Child she returned it to Miss Cooper who sent it again to a nurse.

Given under my hand at Maryboro this 15th July 1839. ~
(signed) George Hamilton, Constable.
Sworn before me this 15th of July 1839.
(signed) C. H. Tuckey.

Friendly Brothers. (Society or Lodge of the Freemasons).

Pat Purcell Papers.


A Memorial of Registry of the Society or Knot called The County Carlow Principal Knot being one of the Knots of the Society of the Ancient and most benevolent order of the Friendly Brothers of Saint Patrick.

Usual Place of Meeting - At Samuel Whitmore's Club House Hotel in the town of Carlow [later St. Bridget's Hospital].

Usual times of Meeting - 17th March, 1st May, 17th June, 17th August, 17th October, 17th January in each year.

The Names and description of all and every the Members of the said Knot.

John Alexander, Esquire, Milford.
John Alexander, Esq. Milford.
Lorenzo Alexander, Esq. Milford.
William Browne, Esq. Brownes Hill.
Charles Bernard, Esq. Dublin.
Sir Thomas Butler, Bart. Ballintemple.
James Butler, Esq. Broomville.
Bernard Butler, Esq. Dublin.
Edward Butler, Esq. Carlow.
Rev. Richard Butler, Clerk, Garryhundon.
John B. Brady, Esq. Myshall.
Nicholas Browne, Esq. Clohannan.
Henry Butler, Esq. Carlow.
Col. Henry Bruen, Oak Park.
James Battersby, Esq. Carlow.
Rev. Thomas Brooke, Clerk, Urglin.
Uleyess Burgh, Lord Downes, Bart.
Lieut. Col. Richard Brough, Wollwich.
Richard Brough, Esq. 83rd Regiment.
Edward Burton, Esq. Rutland Lodge.
Philip Bagenal, Esq. Bennekerry House.
John Cornwall, Esq. Myshall.
Henry Cary, Esq. Carlow.
Rev. Joseph Chapman, Clerk, Bagenalstown.
William Carruthers, Esq. Knockbeg.
Simion Clarke, Esq. Carlow.
William Cope Cooper, Esq. Cooper Hill.
Darby Herring Cooper, Esq. Shruel Castle.
William Duckett, Esq. Russellstown.
Joseph Duckett, Esq. Ducketts Grove.
Rev. George Dawson, Clerk, Ballynoe.
Major James Eustace, Castlemore.
Samuel Elliott, Esq. Racrouge.
Richard Ellis, Esq. Ravinden.
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