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The New Masonic Hall.

August 7th, 1897.

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Masonic Lodge (Freemasons Lodge) on Athy Road, Carlow next to The Seven Oaks Hotel.
Donated by "Carloman"

The following extracts have been supplied by: Michael Purcell

Masonic Lodge, Athy Road, Carlow, 1897.

Carlow Sentinel.

August 7th, 1897.

Carlow Masonic Bazaar.

We feel great pleasure in being able to announce as the opening sentence of our notice, that this Bazaar was a grand and unqualified success, the only tinge of regret b eing that it was considered deserving of local ecclesiastical censure.

We do not, however, intend dwelling further on this point, particularly as it did not injuriously affect the success of the Bazaar, whatever other effect it may ultimately have.

Our readers are doubtless aware that about a year ago the first announcement of the Bazaar appeared, the object as then stated being to clear off a debt on the Carlow Masonic Hall recently erected, and which it is not too much to say, is an ornament to the town and a credit to the craft.

In this age of bazaars it is scarcely necessary to say that the element of novelty has to a great extent passed away.

They are regarded with jealousy and dislike by a certain section of the male community, who declare that the "thing is overdone" and predict nothing but failure and disappointment from any venture bearing the name commencing with a big B.

False prophets they generally prove to be, for despite the sneers of the cynic and the sighs of the un-sympathetic, the Bazaar survives.

The fact is that regard them as we may there is some irresistible charm about the Bazaar, and we fancy we have discovered the secret.

It is essentially "women's work," and affords abundant proof -- if such were needed -- that any task, however arduous or venturesome that ladies undertake with warm hearts and willing hands is crowned with success.

This Bazaar exemplified this truism, and must be regarded as a great victory for the fair sex and a great compliment to the Masonic Order.

An attractive feature in the programme was the opening ceremony, which took place at 2 o' clock on Wednesday, by which time the hall and stalls and every available space were crowded by a fashionable assemblage.

Brother the Right Honourable Lord Rathdonnell, her Majesty's Lieutenant for the County of Carlow, very kindly accepted the invitation of the Managing Committee to open the Bazaar.

At half-past 1 o' clock the members of the local Lodges (116 and 91) assembled in the board-room and having given a warm welcome to Lord Rathdonnell, formed in procession, wearing full Masonic regalia, presenting a pleasing contrast in color and design.

Lord Rathdonnell escorted by Colonel P.D. Vigors and Captain Duckett-Steuart (all three wearing the gorgeous  regalia of Prince Masons) marched up the room to the strains of the National Anthem, God Save The Queen, heartily sung by the whole assemblage to Brother Dr. Malone's accompaniment on the pianoforte.

Lord Rathdonnell, on rising to formally open the Bazaar, was lustily cheered.

Having read a telegram received that day from Brother H.P. Lloyd Vaughan (High Sheriff of Carlow) expressing regret for being unavoidably prevented from attending and taking part in their proceedings, he said it afforded him great pleasure to be present that day to open their Bazaar.

In doing so it was scarcely necessary to remind them of the purpose for which it was held -- namely, to clear off a debt which remains on the new Lodge buildings, recently erected at a cost of £1,000.

He should like to bring before them one very good reason why the numerous visitors to the Bazaar should spend their money freely.

Owing to this debt being still upon the Lodge, the Carlow Masons had not been able to subscribe as largely to the funds of the Masonic Schools as formerly.

Every penny therefore that would be spent at that Bazaar would enable the Lodges all the sooner to resume their former donations to that most excellent charity (applause). That surely should be an inducement to people to spend their money freely, remembering the laudable object in view (applause).

Having gone round the different stalls and examined the varied and tempting wares, he could say the ladies in charge had not put too high a price on the goods for sale, a mistake sometimes made at bazaars.

He would therefore assure intending purchasers that they buy boldly, without having that uncomfortable feeling of having been "done" (laughter and applause).

He was, said Lord Rathdonnell, in the habit of keeping on his dressing table a diary with mottoes, and of tearing one off daily.

Happening to be from home for some time on his return he had several to tear off, and found the one for the 3rd August 1897 was very appropriate for that occasion, and read thus:--

"It does not follow the more talkative a person becomes the more successful he is" (laughter).

As he had many friends in that room, he would act on the advice contained in the motto (laughter).

Another leaflet torn off contained the motto: -

"A word in earnest is as good as a speech."

His closing "word in earnest" would be the hope that everybody would come to the bazaar with full purses and leave with empty ones (applause).

His Lordship then formally declared the Bazaar open.

On the call of Brother Dr. Stawell, Lord Rathdonnell was saluted in Masonic form, and according to ancient usage, by a fire of eleven.

The Bazaar open, business commenced briskly, the six large stalls which occupied a considerable portion of the space, were decorated and dressed with consummate taste, each apparently vying with the other in these respects, and the whole presenting a charming effect.

They were all well laden with a splendid and varied collection of goods, useful, ornamental and valuable, including curios from far-off climes, as well as home-made wares, many of them rare and artistic specimens, and most of them the work of amateurs, who entered on the "labour of love" with a will worthy of the cause they so generously espoused, and who felt amply compensated by the admiration and patronage with which their efforts were crowned.

The Bazaar was continued on Thursday and Friday, mid-day and evening, and was well patronised all through.

The produce stall (presided over by Mrs. W. Fitzmaurice) presented an agreeable contrast to those devoted to fine-art and fancy purposes.

It was appropriately decorated with verdant foliage, and had quite a rustic appearance, well stored with fruit, flowers, fowl, etc. Taken altogether the stallholders and their lady assistants are to be warmly congratulated on their taste and tact in exhibiting and disposing of their varied and valuable stock-in-trade.

In addition to the stalls above referred to a "Wheel of Fortune" worked by Miss Bell, made a gallant attempt at perpetual motion, and piled up the pence into pounds, an interesting operation, at which the popular "dip" and Jocko's jump lent valuable help.

Another of the many attractions was the shooting gallery, presided over by Brothers Gash and Douglas, who "charged" and "rifled" in the very best Bazaar fashion.

The Cafe Chantant was a source of pleasure, amusement and profit. On each afternoon and evening of the Bazaar it was well filled with audiences, highly delighted with the half-hour concerts and other entertainments provided for them, under the direction of Dr. Malone.

The following ladies and gentlemen gave valuable help:-

Mrs Alexander (violin), Miss Carey, Miss Swanzy, Miss Longfield (piano), Miss D. Rawson (violin), Miss Malone (piano), the Misses Plewman, Miss Mollie Malone, Fraulein Ruedy, Miss Bayley (piano), Drs Carey and Stawell, Messrs Anderson, Hutchins, Toomey and Brownrigg, Reverends J.H. Bradish, A. I. Mitchell and others.

A most enjoyable little play called "Cheerful and Musical" was acted by Miss Carey and Miss Swanzy in a manner that displayed histrionic ability of a high order. Of course the dances arranged for on Friday night were very much enjoyed and largely availed of, excellent dance music being supplied by a number of Ladies present.

The following is a list of stallholders and assistants:-

Stall 1. - Presided over by Lady Rathdonnell and Mrs Stuart, assisted by Mrs G. Fishbourne, Miss Roger, Miss Twigg, Miss Fazer.

Stall 2. - Presided over by Lady Burton and Mrs Browne-Clayton, assisted by Miss Butler, Miss Shackerly, and six daughters of the Browne-Clayton family, Brownes Hill.

Stall 3 - Presided over by Mrs Massy and Mrs Maffett, assisted by Mrs H. Fitzmaurice, Miss Duckett Steuart, Miss Carroll, Miss Ada Carroll, Miss Goodwin, Miss Weldon, Miss Murielle Weldon, Miss Adeline Herring-Cooper, Miss H. Herring-Cooper.

Stall 4 - Presided over by Mrs W. Fitzmaurice, assisted by Miss Harding, Miss D. Rawson, Miss Drillma, and Master Fitzmaurice and Master Harding.

Stall 5 - Presided over by Mrs and Misses Langram, assisted by Miss N. Coghlan, Miss H. Coghlan, and Miss Bell.

Stall 6 - (Refreshments)- Presided over by Miss Thorp, assisted by Mrs May Thorp, Miss Crosthwait, Miss Head, Mrs Stawell and Mrs Frank Brown.

In conclusion a word of praise is due to the Bazaar Committee, and especially to Brother the Reverend D.H. Massy, President of that Committee, upon whom the lion's share of the work devolved.

The Carlow Masonic Committee gratefully acknowledge receipt of a cheque from Mrs Toler-Aylward, Shankill Castle, Whitehall, towards the Bazaar Fund.

Result of the Ballot (Draw):-- Winners -- Joseph Boyle, Marble Clock. ---George Douglas, Suit of Serge -- Lieutenant Beaumount , Tea Service --- A.E. Hull, Double-barrelled Gun --- Boileau and Boyd, Chest of Tea, ---W.G. Jacob, Fat Sheep.


Carlow Sentinel, July, 1897.

Carlow New Masonic Hall.

A Grand Bazaar And Fancy Fair.

In Aid of Building Fund will be held in the

Town Hall, Carlow.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, August 4th, 5th and 6th, August, 1897.

Under the Patronage of

Lord and Lady Rathdonnell,
Lord and Lady Duncannon,

Sir Thomas Pierce Butler, Bart, and Lady Butler, Sir Charles Burton, Bart, and Lady Burton, Sir Anthony Weldon, Bart, and Lady Weldon, Major and Mrs Alexander, Mr and Mrs Toler-Aylward, Mr and Mrs D.R. Pack-Beresford, Mr and Mrs Browne-Clayton, Mr and Mrs Stewart Duckett, Colonel and Mrs Eustace, Dean and Mrs Finlay, Captain and Mrs Duckett-Stewart, Dr. and Mrs Rawson, Mrs Fleming, Mrs Greenwood, Archdeacon and Mrs Jameson, Mr ans Mrs J.F. Lecky, Captain and Mrs Newton, Mr and Mrs R. Lecky Pike, Captain and Mrs Thomas, Colonel and Mrs Vigors, Mr and Mrs T. Anderson, Mrs Vessy. Mr S. Vessy.

The Three Provincial Grand Masters - Mr Lloyd-Vaughan (High Sheriff), Colonel Cosby and Colonel Pratt Saunders.

The following, amongst others, have kindly consented to preside at the Stalls:-

Lady Rathdonnell, Lady Burton, Mrs Stuart, Mrs Maffett, Mrs Masey, Mrs Fitzmaurice (Kelvin Grove), Mrs and the Misses Langran.

Cafe Chantant.

Theatricals, Tableaux Vivants, Wheel of Fortune, Palmistry, Shooting Gallery and a variety of other Entertainments.

The Bazaar will be Opened at 2pm on Wednesday, in Masonic Form, by Right Hon. Lord Rathdonnell, His Majesty’s Lieutenant.

Contributions either in money or in kind will be thankfully received by any of the Stall Holders.

[Note added by M. Purcell, April 2011.]

Designed by William Morrison, the Masonic Lodge on the Athy Road, Carlow, was opened in 1897. The builders were William Weir of Palatine and Edward Brophy, Dublin Road, Carlow.

Membership of the "Free Masons" for Roman Catholics was forbidden by Rome and for weeks beforehand local people were told from the pulpit in Carlow Cathedral that they should not attend this Bazaar.

The Bazaar opening ceremony was performed by Lord Rathdonnell.

Up to the present day the Masonic Lodge continues to thrive in Carlow and since its establishment has contributed to many worthwhile charities.

Transcribed by M. Purcell c.2011.
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