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Return to Writ of Election - 1768

Return to Writ of Election - 1768
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Copy of Return

To Writ of Election For The County of Carlow, A.D. 1768.

This Indenture, made the 18th day of July, in the eighth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George III., King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Between Vesey Colclough, Esq., Sheriff of the county of Carlow, of the one part, and Sir Wm. Vigors Burdett, Bart., William Vicars, Hodson Bernard, William Browne, the Rev. Richard Brough, the Rev. Armstrong Ryves, William Duckett, William Lecky, Francis Dillon, James Herring, Ralph Chritchly, William Davis, Nicholas Roche, Thomas Gurly, David Ryan, William Greene, John Greene, Nathaniel Evans, John Barker, Simon King, James Hartson, Jack Hatton, Ben. Whitton, Stephen Goggin, John Tench, James Mitchell, Bartholomew Cliffe, Thomas Salter, Thomas Fitzgerald, Thomas Watson, William Thornton, Bartholomew Newton, Powell, Lalor, and divers others of the gentlemen

Freeholders of the said county of Carlow, Witnesseth that, according to the form of the writ hereunto annexed, after proclamation made in the full County Court, holden the day and year aforesaid, the said Freeholders of the said county who were present at the making the said proclamation, according to the form of the Stature in the aforesaid writ specified, have chosen Beauchamp Bagenal and William Burton, Esq., to be Knights for the said county, girt with swords, fit and discrett to be and appear in and at a certain Parliament, specified in said writ, who have full and sufficient power for themselves, and the whole body of the said County, to do and consent as is required by said writ.

In witness whereof the said electors have hereunto set their hands and seals, as hath the said Sheriff set his hand and seal of office, the day, year, and place, above written.

Wm. Vigors Burdett Thomas Salter W. Best
Charles Burton Amyas Thomas Samuel Brownrigg
Charles Doyne Arthr O'Brien Thoms Gurly
Henry Bunbury Barthw Newton John Barker
Will Vicars R Chritchly Robert Morris Lecky
John Beauchamp Thos Colclough Thos Thoroton
Hodson Bernard Patt. Colclough John Morris
Ja. Hartson Jonas Duckett Robert Searles
Armst Ryves William Lecky Phillip How
Thos Fitzgerald Richard Brough Will. Fishbourne
Edward Cooper Wm Browne William Elliott
Richd Mills Frs Dillon Will. Bradley
Wm Greene J Herring Thos James
Jno. Greene John Duckett Thos Bradley
John Perkins Willm Thornton Henry Bradley
Edward Whitty Jack Hatton Rich Budds
Hum. Perkins John Tench John Maguiness
Thomas Watson James Mitchell Ralph Ryan
Thos Pritchard Powell Lalor William Gibson
Jonathan Carleton Barthw Cliffe John Hannan
Ben. Whitton Jams Russell John Phillips
William Davis Nathl Evans Edwd Howis

Reference: "The parliamentary roll: comprising lists of the knights of the shire, and members for the borough of Carlow, from the earliest times to the introduction of the ballot, and of the representatives for Old Leighlin to the period of the Union. With genealogical notes and illustrative extracts", by Robert Malcomson, 1872, pages 118 - 119.

This book can be found at the County Carlow Library, Local History, Call # 324.941882 and the LDS Family History Catalogue, Call # British Book Area 941.88 H2ma.

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.
This document was transcribed by Susie Warren

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