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Chancery Pleadings.
'Land Seized'

'Land Seized'
To the right Honorable the Lord Chancellor

Humblie complaining sheweth Sir Robert Browne vicar of Kilmacowe in the County of Kilkenny wheare your petitioer’s father Patrick Browne of Old Laghlin in the Countie of Katherlagh yeoman was seised in his demesne as of fee by good title of five messuadges three gardens the moitie or half end [?] of the field Brownes meadow and 54 acres of arable land scituated and being in the towne of Old Laghlin aforsaid and being so of the said premises seised conveyed and made over all and singular the premises with all the evidences and charters concerning them to your supplicant and his heirs So it is that the evidences and charters concering the premises being casually come to the hands of one Thade Dowling Chancellor of Old Laghlin aforesaid the said Thade wrongfully detaineth the said evidences and charters from your supplicant and utterlie refuseth to deliver them to your suplicant albeit he hereto hath bene often required by your suplicant  The premises considered and forasmuch as your supplicant knoweth not the certaintie of the said charters and evidences whereby he might sue for them by course of comon lawe It may please your honourable lordship to grant his highnes writ of subpena to be directed to the said Thade Dulling comanding him uppon a certaine paine to appeare before your Lordship to answer the pleading And he shall praie &c.

John Bryer of [Campell]

Source: National Archives
Curtsey of Terry Curran c2008

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