Name Event / Incident Date
John Burbridge,  bite of a dog, Carlow,  April 1861.
Patrick Nowlan,  married, visitation of God, Fenagh,  July, 1861.
Catherine Nolan,  effects of Lighting, Rutland, Grangefort, June 1861.
Andrew Keatly,  recoil of a rope, Dunleckney, Bagenalstown,  May 1861.
Mary McDonald,  married, upsetting of an asses car on her, Carlow, Dec. 1861.
John Ryan,  an asses car turning on him, St. Mullins, Dromnagh,  Oct. 1861.
Andrew Ryan,  asses car turning on him, St. Mullins, Dromagh,  Oct. 1861.
Mathew Green,  fall from a car, Kellistown, Moyle, Dec. 1861.
Denis Kearns, fall from a car, Rathvilly,  Feb. 1862.
A human Skeleton,  Dunleckney, Kilcar ??,  Feb. 1862.
Sarah Kenna,  Servant, an asses car turning over, Carlow town,  July 1862.
John Cahill,  Car load of turf falling on him accidentally, Slyguff, Kelloughternane,  Oct. 1862.
Patrick Cummins,  Married, Drowned during a fit of Apoplexy, Kellestown,  July 1863.
Kate Redmond,  Visitation of God accelerated by eating mushrooms, Moyacomb,  August, 1863.
John Kelly,  Suffocation, cramming his mouth with potatoes whilst under mental derangement, Tullow,  Oct. 1863.
Alicia Kavanagh,  Married, Visitation of God, Myshall, Raheenleigh,  Feb. 1864.
Ellen Curran, suffocated being under the influence of drink, Dunleckney, Sept. 1864.
Mary Leahy,  fatigue after a long journey, Ballon, Coneberry,  Dec. 1864.
Hugh Bryan,  upsetting of his car his mule having ran away, Old Leighlin, Coolenaskisha,  July 1865.
Johanna Darcy,  4 years, Extensive burning, Augha, Rathellen,  Oct. 1865.
James Byrne,  over dose of whiskey, Tullow,  Nov. 1865.
Patrick Farrell,  Retention of urine caused by extensive scalding, Old Leighlin, July 1866.
Margaret Curran,  poison colic but from what cause can't say, Burragh, Carrigduff,  April, 1867.
Margaret Neill,  drinking from the pipe of a boiling kettle accidentally, Tullow,  May, 1867.
John Curran,  by fall from a car, Cloydagh, Raheendoran,  Jan. 1868.
John Curran,  3 years, drowning, Carlow town,  May 1868.
Patrick Nolan,  taking stimulants which disagreed with him, Augha, Leighlinbridge, July, 1868.
James Nolan,  fall from his car, Tullow, Mount Wolseley,  June, 1868.
John Power,  53 years, Married, accidental fall from cart, Ratoe, Grangeford,  August, 1868.
Anne Kavanagh,  38 years, married, ulceration of wind pipe, Cloneygall, Ballyredmond,  Dec. 1868.
Daniel Carr,  17 years, inflammation of bowels, Rutland, Grangeford,  Dec. 1868.
Catherine Curran,  70 years, married, visitation of God, Templepeter, Ballintrain,  Nov. 1869.
Michael Murphy,  7 years, fall from a car, Rutland, Bennekerry,  July, 1869.
Michael Jeffers,  27 years, fall from a car, Cloydagh, Ballinabranna,  Dec. 1869.
John Doyle,  38 years, fall from a car, St. Mullins, Glynn,  Sept. 1869.
Michael Murphy,  fall from a car, Dunleckney, Bagenalstown,  Nov. 1869.
Samuel H. Watson,  46 years, married, Justice of the Peace, pistol shot by himself, Fenagh, Lumclone,  Feb. 1870.
William Keppel,  9 years, kick from a horse, Ballon, March 1870.
Edward Curran,  70 years, Natural causes, Kellaughternane, June, 1870.
Margaret Mangan,  50 years, not married, throat queasy, Tullow,  Dec. 1870.
Martin Dowdle,  58 years, fall by upsetting of his car, Old Leighlin,  Feb. 1871.

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