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Householders of the Parish of Carlow
In the year of 1669

Source: Susie Warren

Names of the Householders of the Parish of Carlow in the schedule annexed to the Assessment Ordered to be levied by the Vestry of October 15th, 1669.

  . .   . .
  Edmond Carroll Wm. Moyran   Wm. Lench Tho. Howing
  Steven Beaver Augustine Wilkins   John Hopeley Lawrence Birr
  Garrett Quigley Richd. Smalman   Patk. Carroll Wm. ye wisted Comber
  Wm. Harris Dennis Doyle   Wm. Pendergast Edmd. Curren
  Tho. Clark Murtagh O'Brien   Edmd. Lenchey Edmd. Doran
  Thos. McCragh Richard Hacker   Wm. Byrne Edmd. Hickey
  Lewis Hespenall Dannell McCann   James Byrne Markes Vane
  Robt. Ellis Wm. Ryan   James Murphy John Moore
  Wm. Good Richd. Ash   Florence Byrne  
  Rowld. Banckes Darby Pendergast      
  Edwd. Huntt John Gibbs   WITHIN YE GATE  
  John Padgett Josh. Smith Taylor   . .
  Allexd. Rachford Ansell Hoskins   James Nowland Patk. Rachford
  Ye Widow Sanders Lt. Coll. Smithwick   Georg Adcock John Smith
  Brian Rooth Robt. Whittle   Silvery Bath Humphrey Penn
  . .   Allexd. Dannell Andrew Sherlock
        Brian Reagh Tho. Harris
        James Highlan John Mastors
        Lawrence Corey John Busher
  . .      
  Edwd. Byrne Roger Fisher   Wm. Schooley James McEmone
  Patk. Seymer Wm. Murphy   John French John Dempsey
  Tho. Wheley Edwd. Worme   James Galtagh James O'Morris Kerevan
  Theoplus Church Henry Seix   Tho. Moyron James Nowlan
  Peter Shepherd Peter Moore   John Kennedy Tho. Larken
  Edwd. Little Robt. Curtis   Mary Brazier Darbey Cranny
  John Little  John Hicraft   Mr. Robt. Browne Murtogh Tincher
  Nicolas Tuttson Richard Browne   Thomas Percevall Jno. Knowles
  Edmd. Rachford Thomas Holiday   Edwd. Howes Allexr. Bradford
  Wm. Thomas Mrs. Crewkhorne   James Cromwell Edmd. Mouran
  Laurence Coymine George White   Andrew Knowles Richd. Reed
  John Coymine Ye Widow Wolfe   James Neale Humphry Boll
  Miles Kegan Bryan Kelly   Samson Morris James Foley
  Donough Murphy John Cashine   James Knowles Edwd. Reynolds
  Henry McDonoho Bryan ye Collier   Dennis Doyle John Gaynor
  Darby Roe Edwd. Gray   Richd. Curtis Henry Winston
  Edmd. Doyle John Pigott   James Nowlan John Hobertt
  Edmd. Brannagh Edmd. Buttler   John Taylor Thos. Roberts
  Dermot McOwen Martin Loe   Samuel Blackshaw Philip Isaac
  Dannell Higens Thomas Boy   John Nowlan George Reynolds
  John Murphy John Roe   Tho. Wattson Wm. Bay
  William Smith John Sheard   Capt. John Chesirs Darby Keating
  Redmond Ryan Donoug Doyne   Henry Ruttledg Brian Oultagh
  Donough Doyle James Wall   Paul Brennan Patk. Keating
  Edmond Pendergast Dannell Darcey   Richard Carney Edwd. Stevens
  George Danniell Dannell Kelly   Redmond Wall Edmond Byrie
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Parrish of  }  At a Vestry held ye sd parish on Monday, ye 24th day of Augt.m 1702.

Tho. Conyers  }  Church Wardens.
Andrew Carter}

Robt. Harris, Rectr. and Vicar.
John . . . . . . . .    Thomas White
William Wright    John Wright

"Pursuant to a late Act of Parliament made for ye planting trees, ye numbr of weh trees to be planted in the sd. Pish. is 87 trees.  And Whereas the number of acres in this Pis. is 1619 it is therefore unaminously agreed upon and enacted by ye Rect., Churchwardens and parishoners psent, that every pson who holds ye number of one hundred acres, and every one else in proportion to what they hold shall plant six trees and the same to be done according to ye directions of ye sd. Act of Parliament"

  No. of Acres   No. of trees
  150 Kerrenstowne 9
  100 Little Pollardstowne 6
  170 Great Pollardstowne 10
  114 Heathy Lands 6
  46 Gallos Hill Lands 3
  64 Rathnipish 3
  100 Spaight's Land 6
  77 Edwd. Howis his Land 4
  30 Strange's Land 2
  140 Mr. Browne's Land 8
  60 Mr. Carter's Land 3
  100 Lower Mortestowne 6
  210 Uper Moterstowne 12
  85 Burren Land 4
  7 Tobacco Meadows -
  35  Burlom Land 2
  100 Butcher's Land 5
  4 Mr. Carter's Field by ye Wall -
  15 Capt. Labully's Fields -
  2 Wm. Good's Parks -
  1619   89
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I have endeavoured to be as accurate as possible in transcribing the information from the newspapers however it is possible that errors may have occurred. Data should be verified against original copies and sources.

Susie Warren

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