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Carlow Board of Guardians

HC Deb 28 March 1912 vol 36 cc576-8 576

Captain CRAIG

Asked whether Mr. W. M. Byrne, solicitor to the Carlow Board of Guardians, was entrusted with a sum of money to pay for plots of land in connection with labourers' cottages, and that when the auditor of the Local Government Board visited him unexpectedly subsequent to his usual March audit he could not account for the whole amount, and had to be given two days in which to raise it by borrowing; whether an inquiry is to be held into the administration of the Carlow Board of Guardians; and whether Mr. Byrne has been allowed to remain on as solicitor?


I am informed that Mr. Byrne, was entrusted by the Carlow Rural District Council with money to pay for plots, in connection with labourers' cottages, but the further statements that he could not account for it when visited unexpectedly by the auditor and had to be given time to borrow are incorrect. I understand that he lodged, to the credit of the council, the full amount for which he was responsible within an hour after it was ascertained by the auditor, and there is no reason to suppose that he had to borrow it. The matter was thoroughly investigated by the auditor and no further inquiry is necessary. Mr. Byrne has been retained in office by the council, who have taken steps to prevent the possibility of any future irregularity.


May I ask you, Sir, on a point of Order, whether it is right to make the Question Paper of this House the medium of attack upon a professional gentleman in a way in which we now find, from the answer of the Chief Secretary, is absolutely without foundation?

Captain CRAIG

Is it not a fact that the Chief Secretary stated at the end of his answer that he would try to prevent any further possibility of irregularities?


I quite agree, if I may say so, with the hon. and learned Member (Mr. T. M. Healy) when he says that it is very cruel to make an accusation of this sort. The only possible irregularity in this matter was that this professional gentleman lodged this sum of money at the bank to his own private account. That was the irregularity. As it happened, it made no difference, for so soon as the money was required it was forthcoming, and there is no imputation whatever upon this gentleman's honour, or upon his solvency. At the same time I quite agree that it is a most undesirable thing that money of this sort should be placed to anything but a separate account.


Could not the question have been put in that way?


I think the hon. and learned Member (Mr. T. M. Healy) will acknowledge that I have always deprecated charges of this kind being made in a question on the Paper. At the same time, he will see that it is impossible for me to refuse a question. I have no knowledge of the actual facts to which the question relates; I could have no knowledge. I must assume that the hon. and gallant Member (Captain Craig), or any other Member who puts a question down, does it on his own authority and as having a reasonable certitude of the truth of what he inquires about.

Source: HANSARD 1803–2005

Meeting to elect Ex-Officio Guardians

The magistrates of the County Carlow met at Carlow Courthouse on September 24th 1840 for the purpose of electing ten Ex-officio Guardians. A magistrate was a justice of the peace who resided within a union. He was entitled to sit as an Ex-officio Guardian unless he was a stipendiary (paid) magistrate or a member of the clergy. John Staunton Rochfort the Senior Magistrate of County Carlow chaired the meeting. There was such a large attendance that the proceedings took place in the Grand Jury Room. Mr. Pilsworth Whelan suggested the adoption of a simple plan already used in other counties where each magistrate submitted a list of ten candidates which he supported. The result of the vote was as follows:-

  • Sir Thomas Butler, Bart received 24 votes
  • Robert Clayton Browne received 23 votes
  • Henry Faulkiner and William Fishbourne each received 21 votes.
  • Pilsworth Whelan and James H. Eustace got 20 votes each.
  • Four candidates, namely Henry Bruen, James Butler, Harman Herring Cooper and William Duckett received 19 each.
  • Thomas T Vigors received 5 votes.
  • John Nolan, Thomas Haughton and Walter Blackney got 3 votes and bottom of the table was Dr. White who received just a single vote.

The Chairman, Col. Rochfort then declared the following persons elected as the ex-officio guardians of the Carlow Union. They were as follows:

  • Sir Thomas Butler Bart
  • Robert Clayton Browne
  • Henry Faulkner
  • William Fishbourne
  • Pilsworth Cooper
  • Henry Bruen
  • James HardyEustace
  • James Butler
  • Harmon H. Cooper
  • William Duckett

The chairman stated that the successful candidates would hold office from the 29th September 1840 until September 1841.

Source: Carlow County Library


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