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Pat Purcell Papers
Ann Dunn - 1802

Source:  Mr Michael Purcell

The Jurors for our Lord the King upon their oath Say and present that Ann Dunn of the Town of Carlow Married Woman being a person of a turbulent tumultuous infamous and violent disposition, of dangerous and Scandalous Conversation and a terror to her neighbours on the twelfth day of July in the Forty second year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the third by the grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King Defender of the faith and soforth --------at Carlow in the County of Carlow aforesaid and at divers other times and places as well before as after in the County aforesaid was and yet is a common Scold and Brawler a common Defamer and vexer of the Kings Subjects then and there and at Divers other times and places aforesaid wrangling and Quarreling among her neighbours or other of the Kings Subjects a nuisance of all the liege Subjects of our said Lord the King and Against his peace his Crown and Dignity.

Transcribed by M. Purcell c2008.
Document provided by kind permission of Michael Purcell - Sept 2008.

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