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Acaun Graveyard
Headstone Inscriptions

Acaun Graveyard

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Three head stones were legible. They are as follows:

Edward Fitzsimmons who died at 73 yrs. old-date not legible.

Richard Healy (died 1799) and his wife, Judith (d. 1795)

Finally one with the surname of Linnen (Sp?).

Based on the type of font and the type of stone, I think all three were from around the late 1700's. Other stones looked much older.

There were many more stones visible and hidden, but in very poor condition.

Click here to see the cemetery as it looks today:

I hope someone finds this little bit of information helpful.

Source: Cathy Goss 2012

The following was provided by Sue Clement 2012

From the "Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead," 1904 (transcribed as printed)

Acaun Churchyard

[From Lord Walter FitzGerald]

This churchyard is situated on the right bank of the Derreen river, a short distance above Acaun Bridge. Near it are extensive traces of foundations of buildings, which are said to have been a monastery. The people in the locality speak of a holy well into which treasure was thrown, and the well filled up, in Cromwell's time: but they do not know to whom it was dedicated.

Only the foundations of Acaun Church now exist. A long granite stone, 56 inches in length, now serves as a headstone to a grave in the church ruins.

It appears, by the way it is cut, to be a door-lintel, and has a projecting band running round its square head.

The oldest inscribed tombstones are of modern date. The first of the two inscriptions which follow are copied from stones inside the church ruins:

JPMD, Vol VI, Issue 1904 -05 - 1906, CARLOW, Page 430

This Stone is Erected by Jacob Jackfon
for Him Self & his Family
 Here Lyeth the bodys of James Jackfon
Who Departd this Life Febry the 6th 1760
AGd 89
and Ann Jackfon his Wife Departd Septmbr, the 22d 1768
AGd 87  
Here Lyeth the Body of George White
Who Departed this Life the 28 Day of July 1771
AGd 55 years ~


On a flat slab, in the east end, faintly cut, is inscribed:



This tomb was erected in Memory of Mr Bryan Coogan
 of Williamstown County Carlow, &
His wife Mary Coogan alias Drumgoold,
& their Family, July 11th 1808


On a headstone of granite near the above:

Here lyeth ye Bodys of
Meary & Terance & William Noland
who departed this life Sept ye 17th
Aged 37 in 1740


On a granite headstone to the east of the ruins:


I H S 

Here lyeth ye Body of Gerald Keoghoe
Decd Nov. ye 2nd
Aged 87, 1757
The remainder of the stone is underground.


There are three (if not more) granite boulders, broader at the top than at the foot, bearing, in relief, crosses of four arms in a circle with long shafts. One is lying flat, and two are being used as headstones. They resemble "Abbot's slabs."

Close to Acaun Bridge, on the Haroldstown Townland, is a very good specimen of a "Giant's Grave" or "Druid's Altar."

The name "Acaun" is an Irish word, said to mean a "small ford."

Source: Sue Clement 2012


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